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Improved workflows and enhanced 3D printing in new PDF3D software

Consider a full-color object, direct from a 3D PDF to your 3D printer.

3D software company PDF3D has launched its new ReportGen V2.15 software, which supports Additive Manufacturing Format (AMF) files for 3D Printing.

PDF3D has also released its SDK PRO software, which can convert Universal 3D Format (U3D) files to the newer and more compressed Product Representation Compact (PRC) files.

Geological 3D modelling on SDK 3D Pro. Image via PDF3D.
Geological 3D modelling on SDK 3D Pro. Image via PDF3D.

A tool for 3D printing enthusiasts

Software company Adobe already has the ability to convert a PDF file into 3D PDF and STL formats. However, the addition of AMF in ReportGen V2.15 means that a 3D printer file format with color and material information is now accommodated.

For 3D scanning practitioners who want to export point cloud data directly to a 3D PDF, ReportGen V2.15 supports e57 and RCS files. 

3D designers are able to import DWG 2018 versions into 3D PDFs while existing CAD and graphics file formats have been improved. Moving graphics are accommodated with image sequence animation.

“These formats significantly strengthen the product for geospatial, survey, scanning and point-cloud processing and manufacturing applications…” explained PDF3D head developer Ian Curington, noting consumer the demand for the features.

3D STL of a vase on ReportGen V2.15. Image via PDF3D.

A shift from U3D to PRC 

A change is taking place amongst 3D PDF files as PRC files surpass the U3D format in popularity. Both ReportGen V2.15 and SDK Pro have U3D-to-PRC bridging technology, which PDF3D claims is exclusive to its software.

PRC can support advanced geometric definitions and enhanced triangle mesh compression, allowing more complex shapes to be imported into a 3D PDF document.

“Most of the established vendors have moved to PRC,” explained Curington. ”This new U3D to PRC workflow provides a bridge and unique new solution that extends the functionality of the traditional U3D, enriching and enhancing the value of the 3D PDF for users in the process.”

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Featured image shows financial modelling on PDF3D SDK PRO. Image via PDF3D.