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“Imagine” Area of Orlando Receives 3D MakerJet Showroom

Aptly located in the “imagine” capital of the United States, 3D MakerJet Inc. has announced its new showroom and corporate offices center in Orlando, Florida. The new edifice stands in the nexus of the entertainment meccas of Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. Already a player in the 3D printing industry, the new location ought to act as yet another center that captivates the mind. However, unlike the dandies of illusion and simulation produced at theme parks, the 3D MakerJet showroom will offer a real experience meant to spur the creative flow of all its visitors.

3d makerjet 3d printing

There promises to be an impressive display in the showroom, which will front the home offices, warehousing and fulfillment center for 3D MakerJet Inc. Known for developing top quality products with premier, industrial-grade premium desktop printers for consumers, professional and business markets, the showroom will include the new Originator 3D printer series: the i1, i2, 20, and 35 models.

“Work and play fit together seamlessly here, and our business balances both,” says John Crippen, President of 3D MakerJet. “Our printers are great for consumers and professionals to create and print their own 3D objects, so Orlando was a perfect home base for us.”

The new location is now open and the public is welcome to visit during the normal business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM EDT at 4303 Vineland Road, Suite F2 in Orlando, Florida. Feel free to visit 3D MakerJet’s website for details (and of course purchase one of the company’s 3D printers). 3D MakerJet’s reputation speaks for itself, and their new showroom will display their best plastic, medical, culinary, and powderless metal 3D printers. Now there is another reason to stop by the sunshine state.