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HYBRID Software establishes an internal startup with a 3D software focus

To expand the company’s software solutions for the 3D & additive manufacturing industry, HYBRID Software has established an internal startup unit within its Ghent office. Initially, the unit will build new 3D applications using the company’s already-existing goods and knowledge. The unit intends to produce new application-specific solutions. The unit is led by Kris Binon, a former director of Flam3D, the Benelux Association for Additive Manufacturing.

Kris Binon heads the new unit at HYBRID Software. Photo via HYBRID Software.
Kris Binon heads the new unit at HYBRID Software. Photo via HYBRID Software.

“HYBRID sees 3D & additive manufacturing as a significant growth opportunity,” says Nick De Roeck, CTO and co-president of HYBRID Software. Our most recent purchases of iC3D and the Quadraxis IP provide us with essential technology to expand our operations in this industry. One of the most adaptable methods for additive manufacturing is inkjet 3D printing. The widespread use of 3D printing in conventional production is being fueled in part by its capacity to produce completely novel goods. Industrial inkjet systems are already a specialty of the firm. We provide a great deal of value to manufacturers by enabling them to employ inkjet technology for additive manufacturing applications without being distracted by having to create their own software and electronics. Given the market’s potential for expansion, we decided it was time to combine the many capabilities that are spread out across the organization in order to broaden our offering.

The Cambridge-based Meteor Inkjet, a top producer of printhead drive electronics, software, tools, and services for industrial inkjet systems and printing devices, is owned by Hybrid Software Group, which has identified 3D & additive manufacturing as important markets. Several of the biggest producers of 3D printing and additive manufacturing machinery are already among Meteor’s clients. Two further Hybrid Software Group firms, Global Graphics Software and Xitron, also have decades of expertise with inkjet printing solutions.

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Featured image shows Kris Binon. Photo via HYBRID Software.