3D Printing

Groupe Gorge 3D Printer Sales Are Growing

Groupe Gorgé (OTC: GGRGY / GGRGF) has global ambitions for its new 3D printer section. The company has seen a solid foundation for its industrial additive manufacturing machine sales, announcing four sales of industrial 3D printers in the first-half of 2014 in addition to the sales of three machines previously announced for delivery in 2014.

The four new machines were sold to three customers — in France and Germany. Groupe Gorgé also reveals that the recent 3D printer sales are mainly for biomedical production applications, but also for research and rapid prototyping.

Groupe Gorgé has established a 3D printing business with a number of channels, namely Prodways, Deltamed and Prodways Entrepreneurs. The rapid expansion has resulted in the number of staff employed by Groupe Gorgé for 3D printing related activities increasing from just one to some sixty-six people in the space of only one year.

Two of the industrial 3D printer sales were Prodways’ most recent M350 model, which offers the highest productivity levels of the Prodways range. The sales were made prior to the acquisition of Deltamed by Groupe Gorgé, thus at a stage when the Group did not have a proprietary resin solution for 3D printers. The machines will operate using the resins also now sold by Groupe Gorgé.