Go Big or Go Home: German RepRap's New & Improved X1000 Industrial 3D Printer

Originally introduced at the 2014 Euromold trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, the X1000 was presented as the latest large format 3D printer made by the German-based manufacturers German RepRap. An evolution from their previous X400 industrial printer, German RepRap created the X1000 due to the industry demand for a model capable of producing larger components or several parts during a single print operation. Located outside of Munich, the German RepRap Foundation began in 2010, focused primarily on developing 3D printing solutions through their open source RepRap fused filament fabrication technology. Now, just five years later, the German company has taken their tech from the the desktop to the factory, creating a true industrial 3D printer.

German RepRap X1000 V2 industrial 3D printer image

Since presenting the X1000 at Euromold, RepRap has made some necessary and convenient upgrades to makeup of their new industrial printer. The new version of the X1000 V2 was redesigned with meeting all industrial requirements in mind, while they also implemented a safer manufacturing process and some other cool features into it. They add a closed build envelope to the model, which auto-locks during printer operation to promote the user’s safety, while also preventing outside forces such as air current from disturbing the printed object during its build. German RepRap has integrated a CO2-based fire extinguisher into the X100 as well, which ultimately allows for more flexibility in where you can place the industrial printer, since the need for a sprinkler system or fire extinguisher becomes unnecessary.

German RepRap X1000 V2 industrial 3D printer filament

There are some other helpful features added into German RepRap’s updated printer model, including material management, for instance.  A sensory system measures filament to prevent printing errors and safely pause the operation when material runs out. The X1000 V2 can also be connected with the internet via Ethernet or Wifi, while the integrated Simplify3D print software makes it possible to preview prints and manually reposition support material. German RepRap upgraded the print nozzle, too, making it larger in order to print sizable models at an extremely fast-pace.

German RepRap has come a long way with the X1000 V2 since it was first unleashed in 2014, which is now available through German RepRap and their Miami-based sales partner 3Dchimera for those in the United States market, but the industrial printer will take about three months to ship to you. The specifications of the X1000 V2, as listed in the German RepRap press release, can be reviewed below!


-Build envelope (X/Y/Z)* : 1000 x 800 x 600 mm / 39.4 x 32 x 23.6 in

-Print speed : 10 – 150 mm/s

-Travel speed: 10 – 300 mm/s

-Layer thickness (minimum): 0.1 (depending on nozzle)

-Filament / nozzle diameter (standard): 1.75 mm / 0.8 mm

-Nozzle options: 0.4 / 0.6 / 1 mm

-Material*: PLA, Performance PLA, Laywood, PVA

-File transfer: LC touch display, wireless printing via Wifi, Ethernet

-Options: Heating bed, DD3 dual extruder, integrated

two-fold CO2 fire extinguishing system

-Outer dimensions (L/W/H): approx. 1725 x 1500 x 1320 mm / 67.9 x 59.0 x 52in

-Weight: approx. 400 kg / 881.85 lbs

(*depending on equipment)