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Gilded iPhone: Because You Deserve It

Calling all millionaires and billionaires! Remember that gold rucksack you bought awhile back?

billionaire boys club gold backpack 3D printing

We both know it’s been gathering dust hanging there next to your tuxedo collection in your walk-in closet. Well, here’s some good news. I’ve found the perfect thing to put in it.

Hadoro, the French luxury designer brand, specializing in smartphone accessories and based in the jewellery quarter of Paris, has 3D printed this inarguably essential golden iPhone 5s cover.

golden iPhone 5s cover 3D Printed 3D Printing

Okay, okay. I know what you’re going to say: “But it’s only gold-plated!” And, look, I’m not going to lie. You’re right. It is only gold-plated. Gold-plated in 125 grams of 18K gold (rose or yellow options are available). But still, not solid gold. And for that reason, it will only set you back $75,000. A snip n’est pas?

To soothe your troubles I recommend you pick up these (also essential) diamond-encrusted earphones to listen to those whale songs you commissioned.

xjeweled headphones 3D Printing

Now that that’s settled it’s time to consider this: In which of your kitchens will you hang your Rothko?