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GEOtube Proposes A New Kind of 3D Printed Urban Sculptural Tower

Emerging Objects, a pioneering design and research company focusing on 3D printing objects for the built environment using custom materials and processes, has created a model of the fascinating GEOtube tower concept. Essentially, this GEOtube is a scale model (60.9 cm x 50.1 cm x 20.3 cm) of a Vertical Salt Deposit Growth System that has been proposed as a new kind of urban sculptural tower in Dubai, that will perfectly suit the distinct environmental conditions of that region. Designed by an architect at Faulders Studio, Emerging Objects was a collaborative partner in the production of the GEOtube tower model, which was constructed of modular components each printed with a unique Salt material.

salt 3d printing materialSalt is a new one on me, but in this context, it actually makes rather a lot of sense. Dubai sits on the Persian Gulf, which boasts the highest salinity of any global ocean, and it is this environmental factor that lead to the conception of GEOtube. The proposal is that the GEOtube will be “gravity-sprayed with adjacent Persion Gulf waters, its building skin [will be] entirely grown rather than constructed; [it will be] in continual formation rather than fully completed; and is created locally rather than imported.”

In terms of logistics, it is planned that local salt water will be supplied to GEOtube via a 4.62 km buried pipeline and sprayed onto a mesh construct. In the high temperatures of Dubai, the water will evaporate, leaving natural salt deposits that will gradually build up a solid tower that will provide a habitat for local wildlife. It will also provide a local, accessible source of crystal salt.

It is certainly a very interesting proposition and the scale model of the GEOtube will be on show at ARCHILAB 2013 exhibit: Naturalizing Architecture in Orleans, France.

 Emerging Objects

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Source: Emerging Objects

Photography: Kent Wilson