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GeoBling Now Available in Gold

GeoBling is now offering 3D printed versions of its designs in 10k yellow and white gold — they are for sale via the hosting and 3D printing service Kraftwurx.

As the name suggests, the GeoBling range is a collection of jewellery that represents different geographical areas and countries.

USA Gold Pendant - 3D PrintedThis actual printed item – as shown in the image – is a pendant depicting the United States that includes actual terrain data. The dimensions of this US pendant are approximately 3.5cm by 3.5cm (h x w) and the thickness is between 1mm (where the country is low) and 4mm (at the highest peaks). The overall weight is 0.7 pounds and the price for this pendant in yellow gold is $424.95. A solid closed hook is designed into the pendant on the rear allowing it to be attached to a necklace.

GeoBling is careful to state that the data used to generate this item is the “Hole-filled seamless SRTM data V4” provided by the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). This data is available publicly at srtm.csi.cgiar.org. The Society for Printable Geography is not afiliated with CIAT in any way.

The range includes many other countries, including Great Britain, Finland, Greece, Australia and many others. However, if you cannot find the country you want, they also have an online creation tool where you can drag a map to almost anywhere in the world to create an accessory or iPhone case of the area’s topography on their website.

Geobling Gold

About GeoBling

The GeoBling jewellery collection was initiated in 2011 by the Society for Printable Geography and it uses data from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography mission to create artifacts resembling the countries of the world with realistic terrain information. The complex algorithms created by computational geometry and geodata experts can create a custom piece of jewellery for almost any country in the world within seconds.

About Kraftwurx

Kraftwurx is a community of artists, engineers, inventors, makers and creative people who love 3D printing. For anyone that has their own printer, they can tap into the community and offer to 3D print products for community members and retail clients worldwide.

For anyone that does not have a 3D printer, Kraftwrux has more than 300 3D printing facilities worldwide within its network, ready to print products locallt in more than 50 3D printing materials.

Source: Kraftwurx