Future of Home Living — To Include 3D Printing? 3D Systems Believes So.

On the off chance you are in or around New York City later today and you are looking for something interesting to do at lunch-time, you may well be interested in this (if not feel free to jump to the final paragraph). From noon, in the trendy setting of the ‘Future of Home Living’ space in Chelsea, 101 West 15th street, to be exact, you can go a see a free 3D printing demo courtesy of PSFK and 3D Systems. The two organizations have collaborated to offer this free experience to the public, which will include seeing a Cube 3D printer in action in conjunction with Microsoft Surface tablets. 3D Systems’ Director of Consumer Products, Keith Ozar, will also be present to talk about 3D printing now and in the future.

The Future Of Home Living experience is an interactive space showcasing tomorrow’s ideas and innovations within a modern urban living environment.

Whether 3D printers do ever become a prevalent house-hold tool or not is a debate that continues to rumble, sometimes loudly depending on who you are talking to. Neither side has a crystal ball, so time — and patience — is really the only way any of us are going to find out for sure and from an outsider’s point of view it could easily go either way. Personally, I’m still of the opinion they probably will, but not in a form that we recognize today and it’s unlikely I’ll be around to see it.