3D Printing

Full Color 3D Printed Selfies with Just One Photo

A new startup, Ustatue, is offering an easy-to-use service to create quick 3D printed selfie statues and bobbleheads, with only a single, high quality picture. Currently they offer over fifty body styles and each can be outfitted with the hairstyle of your choice and extra accessories.

3d printed u_statue

The 3D printed selfie is becoming a rather common offering from 3D printing companies; however they generally need, either a 3D scan of your face and body, a 3D model, or several high quality pictures. And, while many of those 3D models can be extremely detailed and realistic, they are also on the expensive side. But Ustatue is offering a less expensive version of the 3D printed selfie. Though the detail may not be there, it is pretty close. And you only need one good picture in order for them to create one.

3d printed u_statue_model stylesThe process seems pretty easy, and Ustatue says that it takes less than five minutes. You just need to take a picture with your hair pulled back, free of any extraneous shadows or lighting, and upload it to the builder. Once your picture has been imported, just select the face shape that most resembles your own – or that of the person in the picture you uploaded – and the matching skin tone. Then, all you need to do is pick the body that you want to use and add any optional accessories that are available for that figure. Each 3D
printed selfie is printed in full color gypsum.

u_statue_boxer 3d printing industryUstatue suggests that you place your order about four weeks before you need it to arrive, although generally you should receive it in about 2-3 weeks. You will receive a preview of your 3D model within 48 hours and, once you approve the final model, they will notify you when it is shipped out.

There may be more accurate and detailed 3D printed selfies available, but many of them are priced significantly higher than I – and, I’d wager, most people – would be willing to spend on what amounts to a gag gift; however, the prices on most of the available designs on Ustatue is low enough that, for the right person, it’s relatively affordable.