3D Platforms

Frustum introduces Generate, to deliver optimized 3D and traditional parts in far less time

Frustum is a software company that is focused on the development of design optimization tools in support of helping companies achieve maximized additive manufacturing goals.

They introduced Generate, a software platform where design and topology truly come together to deliver optimized 3D and traditional parts in far less time.


Frustum is making a declarative statement to the design industry with Generate – a unique suite of software products that allows design engineers to design and develop better geometries through topology optimization.   Designers can now generate designs with optimized topology in far less time, allowing for more rapid delivery of parts designs that are ready for manufacturing either through additive or traditional manufacturing.  The product is being released in beta test with a limited purchase planned for July 2016. 

“Our Generate design software product offering was developed with the design engineer in mind.  They get the best of both worlds, an easy to use design tool that offers superior topology optimization capabilities.  What is appealing is the geometry output coupled with the ability to do optimizations in parallel based upon the use of the cloud.  Generate is a tool that’s a true ally for designers and offers them the opportunity to unleash their design vision.  It is the intersection of design and topology optimization, stated Jesse Blankenship,” CEO for Frustum.

Generate seamlessly grows material between the given design features to make optimally stiff and lightweight structures for loading cases.  The smooth and blended surfaces reduce weight and minimize stress concentrations, thus enabling designs to be ready for additive manufacturing without the need to manually redesign.   Generate is where design and topology optimization truly come together in a seamless and transparent way – a model that’s right for what additive manufacturing requires today. 

“Many key industries, especially aerospace and automotive, were instrumental in driving what Generate needed to deliver from a feature and benefit perspective.  The overwhelming market driver was the need to reduce the amount of development time required in topology optimization and the back and forth with stress analysts. Generate has the ability to cut weeks and even months out of the development cycle by getting parts into manufacturing and production faster,” added Blankenship.

There is built-in user flexibility with Generate that allows for individual or corporate-wide use.  Designers have the ability to use Generate through a variety of methods, either through their enterprise or in the cloud.  This allows for working on several different designs in parallel on the cloud.  How the design community uses Generate is entirely up to them and their individual design sensibilities.