3D Printing

From the Inventor of LayWoo-d3 and LayBrick comes BendLay

Within the borders of Germany there’s a man named Kai Parthy who spends his time inventing innovative and affordable new printing materials for fused filament 3D printers. He first created LayWoo-d3, a filament that is 40% recycled wood and gives printed objects an organic look and feel. He also developed LayBrick, which is similar to sandstone and perfect for architectural modeling. His latest material is BendLay.

BendLay is a translucent and durable, yet flexible filament. According to the description accompanying the product’s video demonstration, BendLay’s bendability makes it ideal for creating “straps and belts” whilst its transparency, “near to plexiglass”, is suitable for “thin wall bottles” and “light transmitting objects”. Printable at temperatures between 215° and 240°C, the material is a modified Butadiene that Parthy says is safe for food and household products. Two of the material’s most important features are that it does not turn white when bent, as is the case with transparent ABS and PLA, and its water absorption is 30% that of ABS, meaning that prints are less likely to warp. But, it’s soluble in acetone, so it can’t be smoothed down as easily as ABS and PLA. If you’re interested in purchasing the new material for your flexible, translucent project, you can order it from Orbi-tech.

What new materials the inventor might come up with next we can only imagine. Maybe the next filament he releases will not only bend its own structure, but even space-time itself!

You never know – not in this industry!