Formlabs launch Automated Breakfast Extensions for Form 2 3D printers

Desktop SLA 3D printer manufacturers Formlabs, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, has released “Breakfast Extensions” for its Form 2 3D printer. The upgrade provides a solution for the entire breakfast workflow, allowing users to cook scrambled eggs, bacon and even pancakes all at the same time.

Advanced photocaramelization – perfect waffles every time

Using advanced photocaramelization, the Form 2’s custom-built galvanometers guide its 250mW precision laser to draw intricate, finely detailed pancake designs. Switching to the Waffle Platform also allows the perfect 3D printed waffles every time.

The Form 2 Waffle Platform.
The Form 2 Waffle Platform.

High-res scrambled eggs

A second EGGstension enables the Form 2 to make amazing fried or scrambled eggs, all from a cartridge of polymerizable Egg Resin. Respective “sunny side up” and “scramble” modes can be switched to incorporate the laser for frying, or integration with the wiper attachment for scrambling. Both Egg Resin and the Egg Wiper come as part of the EGGstension.

Scrambler EGGStension.
Scrambler EGGStension.

Multi-printer connectivity

The Form 2s can be connected to form a Breakfast Print Cell, with automated cooking of pancakes, eggs, and even bacon at the same time with ease using a setup of multiple printers. The company tell us that is no “yoke” and they plan on our upcoming Lunch and Dinner extensions and cells, too!

A Form 2 Breakfast Extension 3D printer cell.
A Form 2 Breakfast Extension 3D printer cell.

…we hope you noticed the date already, but April Fools from Formlabs! Unfortunately, 3D printed breakfasts (that are also edible) aren’t yet a reality, but 3D Printing Industry saw some of Formlabs’ latest materials at CES 2017. The company have also released specialist resins for 3D printing in dentistry.

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Formlabs are nominated for a 3D Printing Industry Award, follow this link to vote now.

Featured image shows Form 2 3D printer “Breakfast Extensions”. All photo featured in this article via Formlabs.

[Disclaimer: All food products printed on the Form 2 should be properly post-cured and never actually eaten.]