3D Printing

Forbes Ranks 3D Systems Fourth on its ‘America's Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2013’ List

Forbes likes lists, and lets face it, we like lists too, particularly if we’re featured on those lists and even more so if it’s near the top. So the great and the good at 3D Systems are likely doing a merry jig this week as they feature strongly on Forbes’ newly released list ‘America’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2013.’ Coming fourth on the list behind LinkedIn, Facebook and Apple is no mean feat and is based on sales and growth performance.

Forbes qualifies its findings thus: “We sift through more than 2,100 publicly traded tech firms, selecting only profitable outfits with a minimum revenue of $150 million and a market cap of at least $500 million. List membership requires sales growth of at least 10% for each of the past three fiscal years and over the last 12 months, as well as estimated earnings growth above 10% over the next three to five years. We then rank the list by three-year average sales growth rate.”

About 3D Systems, Forbes says: “Printing 3D objects from scratch is one of the hottest growth ideas in tech, and 3D Systems is a top seller of the machines. Its home version is called the Cube.”

No other listed 3D printing company was featured on the list of 25, but the only other surprise for me was that Google was placed 17th!

Source & Image: Forbes