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Fargo 3D Printing launches machine repair subsidiary in North Dakota

North Dakota spare parts and upgrades hub Fargo 3D Printing has formed a new company from its machine restoration division. The new firm, Fargo 3D Printer Repair, will see John Olhoft, former 3D printer repair technician at the parent company, acting as CEO.

Jake Clark, CEO of Fargo 3D Printing, comments, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have John Olhoft bring new energy and focus to a critical aspect of after-sale 3D printer services.”

Inside the Fargo 3D Printer repair facility in North Dakota. Photo via Fargo 3D Printing.
Inside the Fargo 3D Printer Repair facility in North Dakota. Photo via Fargo 3D Printing.

Fargo 3D Printer Repair

In a regional insights guest article for 3D Printing Industry, Sarah Loosbrock, lead of marketing and communications at Fargo 3D Printing, emphasized the focus of the company  – to help brands and makers “to get printing, stay printing, and change the world.”

Now, with the newly established Fargo 3D Printer Repair, the company is able to delegate significant attention to high 3D printer maintenance demand from individuals, businesses, schools, and OEM’s. This new venture also offers production-scale warranty servicing, maintenance, and repair for many 3D printer manufacturers and 3D printing establishments across North America.

An impartial approach

Olhoft began working with Fargo several years ago in its original shop by offering his engineering skills to aid North Dakota’s 3D printing community. With his accumulated experience, and a close-knit team, Fargo 3D Printer Repair is capable of servicing and repairing a variety of commercial 3D printer makes and models. “We don’t sell any 3D printers ourselves,” comments Olhoft, “so we are able to remain brand impartial when recommending and performing 3D printer repairs,”

“Original Equipment Manufacturers like that they can trust us to provide high-quality repairs with a quick turnaround, and not push a competing brand on their customers.”

Following its establishment, Fargo 3D Printer repair has expanded and remodeled a 3,600 square foot facility in North Dakota, nearing the center of North America.

3D printers at the Fargo 3D Printer Repair facility. Photo via Fargo 3D Printing.
3D printers at the Fargo 3D Printer Repair facility. Photo via Fargo 3D Printing.

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Featured image shows the Fargo 3D Printer Repair team. Photo via Fargo 3D Printing.