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E3D Online releases upgraded Chimera and Cyclops 3D printer hot-ends

E3D Online, a UK-based manufacturer of 3D printer components has released a new range of dual-extrusion hot-ends for 3D printing. The upgraded Chimera and Cyclops hot-ends are available in versions suitable for both air-cooled and water-cooled dual extrusion.

Customers can choose whether to have a Chimera+, Chimera Aqua+, Cyclops+, or Cyclops Aqua+ heater block kit and then add on an air or water-based cooling system, each with a 12 or 24 V fan.

With this launch, E3D continues its efforts bring water-cooled 3D printing to the hobbyists as well as the professional markets, following the release of the Titan Aqua water-cooling system in 2017.

The Cyclops+ hot-end. Photo via E3D-Online.
The Cyclops+ hot-end. Photo via E3D Online.

The Chimera+ and Chimera Aqua+ for multi-material 3D printing 

The Chimera+ handles two separate filaments, extruding them via two different nozzles. Because it the two nozzles can each be heated to two different temperatures, the Chimera+ hot end is optimized to 3D print two separate materials (and can also 3D print two different color filaments).

With a slim design, it is also possible for the dual extrusion Chimera+ to perform as a single-extrusion hot-end. A variant of the Chimera+, the Chimera Aqua+ can be attached to a separately-sold water-based cooling system and function as a water-cooled hot-end.

The easy customizability of the Chimera+ and Chimera Aqua+ hot-ends means that they can be further upgraded with E3D online’s range of copper blocks and nozzles to handle even higher temperatures.

The Chimera+ hot-end. Photo via E3D Online.
The Chimera+ hot-end. Photo via E3D Online.

The Cyclops+ and the Cyclops Aqua+ for multicolor 3D printing 

The Cyclops+ hot-end is an upgrade to its predecessor, the Cyclops. The redesigned heater block has had its redundant material removed, reducing the amount of radiant heat generated by the hot-end onto the print.

The single extruder receives one single filament at a time and has two extrusion nozzles, making the Cyclops+ ideal 3D printing designs with two different colors. Like the Chimera+, the Cyclops+ is also available as a modified Cyclops Aqua+ hot-end, suitable for water-cooled extrusion.

One distinct advantage of the single extruder design is that there is no idle nozzle that oozes whilst the other nozzle is in operation. This means that there is no need for an ooze-shield or height calibration.

Both the Chimera+ and the Cyclops+ use the same heatsink design, meaning that it is also possible to swap between air-cooled and water-cooled heatsinks. An external heatsink fan ensures that there is no sudden change in the air of the build chamber, which reduces the possibility of warping.

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Featured image shows the Cyclops+ and Chimera Aqua+ extruders with some multicolor designs. Photo via E3D-Online.