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e-NABLE Conference at John Hopkins: Lowering Barriers with 3D Printed, Crowd-Sourced Prosthetics

There’s been a lot of talk about how 3D Printing will revolutionize the world. But, there’s has been no actionable plan to accelerate adoption in the 3D printing, non-profit sector – until now.

On September 28, 2014, e-NABLING the Future, a “network of passionate volunteers using 3D Printing to give the World a “Helping Hand,” will be launching its first ever conference at John Hopkins Hospital. The goal of the e-NABLE conference is simple: to introduce the value of crowd-sourced, 3D Printing Prosthetics to medical professionals and make it part of mainstream medicine.

Commercially made prosthetics can cost anywhere between $30,000-$50,000, but the 3D Printed alternative costs only in the region of $50 to build. This price difference will make prosthetics more accessible to those who may not, in their wildest dreams, be able to afford a commercial model.

e-NABLING the Future has been changing the lives of underserved populations from the very beginning. Their story is edging towards legendary: two strangers (a prop maker from the U.S. and a carpenter from South Africa) coming together to create a prosthetic hand for a small child in South Africa. Now, e-NABLING the Future has evolved into a “global online community of humanitarian volunteers leading the way in designing, building, and disseminating inexpensive 3D printed prosthetics.”

To be a part of this revolution, join and attend the first e-NABLE Conference:

e-NABLE Conference: Prosthetists Meet Printers: Mainstreaming Open-Source 3D printed Prosthetics for Underserved Populations

Date: Sunday, 9.28.14

Location: John Hopkins Hospital – Baltimore, Maryland

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