DyeMansion launches ColorsX series to optimize 3D prints for automotive and lifestyle sectors

At RAPID + TCT, German automated post-processing provider DyeMansion has launched an extended series of coloring solutions called ColorsX for the finishing of end-use 3D printed parts. Under the series, the colors are categorized within the Automotive ColorsX and Neon ColorsX lines.

The development of the ColorsX series operated under the premise of “X Colors for X Industries”, as a response to the varying demands from different industries for the finishing of their 3D printed end-use parts. Where the Automotive ColorsX collection focuses on delivering functional properties for the automotive industry, Neon ColorsX is targeted towards the lifestyle sector, providing bright and vibrant colors. With the initial launch of these two collections, the ColorsX series will receive further special color solutions from DyeMansion for different industries in the future.

“Some of our earliest customers who made use of DyeMansion Print-to-Product technologies for serial production are from the Automotive and Lifestyle industries. While working closely with our customers, joint strategies are always about creating even more value to their businesses. So, I feel very delighted to now offer additional value creating products,” explained Kai Witter, Chief Customer Officer at DyeMansion.

“Automotive and Neon ColorsX are only the beginning of providing more specific industry offers.”

The Automotive BlackX applied to a 3D printed interior car part. Image via DyeMansion.
The Automotive BlackX applied to a 3D printed interior car part. Image via DyeMansion.

Automotive ColorsX geared towards 3D printed interior car parts

The demands of the automotive industry for 3D printed interior car parts center on the reproducible color, resistance to heat and light as well as good scratch resistance and rub fastness. Automotive ColorsX was developed by DyeMansion to meet these specific requirements. The company created the color finishing solution to have significantly improved light and heat resistance, developed according to hot irradiation standards of ISO EN 105 B06. 

Coming in a strong black, the first solution in the Automotive ColorsX line is designed to extend the applications of 3D printed polyamide components within the interior of a car. “Even finest textures, such as leather patterns, can be processed with our new Automotive BlackX by the usual DeepDye Coloring (DDC) process in the DM60 while retaining all details. Like any other of our colors, Automotive BlackX can be used with our contact-free color cartridges,” commented Dr. Alena Folger, R&D Chemist at DyeMansion

DyeMansion has presented the testing results of the Automotive BlackX solution for EOS PA1101, EOS PA2200 and PA12 HP 3D HDR materials in a technical whitepaper, which is available upon a direct request to the company. When compared to the standard black finishing option offered by DyeMansion, the DM Black 01, the Automotive BlackX presents a less saturated tone with minimal change after lightfast testing, enabled by its light and heat resistant properties.

Comparison of the DM Black and Automotive BlackX on EOS PA1101. Image via DyeMansion.
Comparison of the DM Black and Automotive BlackX on EOS PA1101. Image via DyeMansion.

Neon ColorsX aims to stand out from the crowd

With the Neon ColorsX line, DyeMansion is seeking to provide vivid colors to enable new design possibilities for footwear, sportswear and any other lifestyle applications. The company is releasing four colors within the line: GreenX, YellowX, OrangeX and PinkX. Each of the neon colors provide a striking luminosity, emphasized when placed under black light.

The new ColorX finishing solutions can be seen applied to 3D printed parts during the RAPID + TCT show at booth 153. Furthermore, the coloring process that DyeMansion has established and used since 2015 to enable a limitless choice of custom colors has now been given a name: DeepDye Coloring (DDC). DyeMansion can provide custom colors for both the ColorsX lines upon request, however a white base material is required for a neon color. 

A selection of the neon colors available in the ColorsX series. Image via DyeMansion.
A selection of the neon colors available in the ColorsX series. Image via DyeMansion.

Post-processing solutions from DyeMansion

Both the Neon ColorsX line and the Automotive BlackX can be applied to 3D printed parts using DyeMansion’s two surfacing options in PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) and VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS).

PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is a mechanical finishing process that gives parts a matte surface, and enables the addition of vibrant colors that cover the entire RAL spectrum. The addition of the ColorsX series extends the available selection of colours for 3D printed parts that can be applied using PSS.

VFS on the other hand, compatible with laser sintering (LS) and HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) processes, focuses on applying a glossy finish to 3D printed parts. Launched in 2018, this is a property typically uncharacteristic of objects made using LS and MJF due to their powdered feedstocks. With VFS, 3D printed parts edge closer towards rivalling the quality of injection molded parts.

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Featured image shows neon shoes rendered with colors from the Neon ColorsX solution from DyeMansion. Image via DyeMansion