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Dremel launches mobile app

Dremel has expanded its 3D printing interests with the launch of the Dremel 3D mobile app that can be used to control the Idea Builder 3D40 3D and other things.

The Wisconsin company has been with the maker community for decades and its eponymously-named tool was simply an essential time for any self-respecting hobbyist. The company has embraced 3D printing and recently unveiled the second generation Idea Builder printer.

A popular printer for schools

It has proved a popular addition to the landscape and schools in particular have taken to it thanks to an education edition that offers a great deal more customer support, bonuses that add to the value and a complete syllabus to help the children get to grips with 3D printing.

The free app is designed for IoS and Android, so it is available for most phones, and it will let people print remotely as well as monitoring ongoing jobs.

It will also allow users to download designs from an online gallery, which should help them get started with 3D printing. Students and home users can access a vast library of 3D models that are ready to go and there is no reason why they cannot make their own changes.

The Dremel Idea Builder now comes with an app

Connectivity is key

George Velez, the manager of Dremel 3D Education says of the app, “By adding a new level of connectivity for students and makers, this first-of-its-kind app broadens the horizons of 3D printing in the classroom. We want educators and students to have multiple access points to 3D printing as classroom technology continues to evolve.”

The end goal is obvious, an online community sharing designs that can be printed directly from their phone. Design programs will eventually find their way on to mobile devices, too, in fact that is already starting to happen.

Total hands-off production on the way?

So soon the Dremel could provide a complete design, print and sharing process on your phone. The first release of the app is a positive step, but it is surely just a step along the road to total hands-off 3D design and print from a mobile device.

It’s an intriguing prospect and we love the fact that an old-school hobbyist name like Dremel is leaping to the front of the queue in this high-tech field.

Schools were a smart target

The Dremel Dreams 3D printing ecosystem is becoming the go-to additive printing system for schools in the US. A complete approach, which includes training the kids how to become proficient, as well as serious discount packages, has helped the company establish itself in a highly competitive arena.

It has followed up the launch of the app with the announcement of an ambassador program, which will supply free printers and support to certain schools that truly want to embrace 3D printing on the syllabus.

There is some very smart marketing at work here, as well as a great product and some serious work on the research and development front. We’re happy to see Dremel make this kind of impact and we’re excited to see what they come up with next.