Dr. Scholl’s join trend for custom 3D printed insoles through Wiiv

Dr. Scholl’s, a foot care brand owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer, has partnered with Wiivv to provide customized 3D printed insoles.

Wiivv is a Vancouver-based technology company known for biometric insoles and developing a 3D scanning app which lets user scan their feet to customize footwear.

The partnership between Wiivv and Dr. Scholl’s was announced at the on-going CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Dr. Scholl’s U.S. marketing director, Claudia F. Metcalf, said, “Dr Scholl‘s understands the importance of customization for a growing number of consumers. This new offering enables us to make inserts to the exact specifications of our customers‘ feet, with just the right support in just the right places,”

“Using Wiivv Fit Technology, we are bringing a custom 3D experience to the reliable, comfortable inserts Dr. Scholl’s is known for. This is a breakthrough in premium personalization with the ability to shop from home.”

Tailor-made 3D printed solutions

With more consumer giants looking to provide a personalized experience to their customers, 3D printing has become the perfect partner particularly where footwear is concerned.

Many of the largest global sneaker brands have introduced their own take on the 3D printed shoe, from adidas’ Futurecrft 4D project with Carbon, through to the Reebok LiquidFactory, and more recently Nike‘s bespoke running shoe. For insoles, there are also a whole manner of companies popping up in this space, promising an improved fit, and better support for our feet.

In this new partnership, Wiivv will lend its technological expertise to Dr. Scholl’s to provide 3D printed bespoke shoe inserts.

Wiivv’s CEO, Shamil Hargovan, said, “What we pioneered at Wiivv is helping Dr. Scholl’s scale its custom business and meet the needs of consumers who are beginning to understand the benefits of custom manufacturing […] It’s an honor to partner with Dr. Scholl’s, and we’re thrilled to be moving true customization forward.”

A 3D printed sole with a customized arch. Image via Dr. Scholl's.
A 3D printed sole with a customized arch. Image via Dr. Scholl’s.

3D print your sole mate

Customers can make a scan of their foot using Dr. Scholl’s custom 3D printed inserts app which is available on Android and Apple phones. To make a successful scan, users will have to place their feet on a white paper and take four pictures. One picture of the top of both feet and one picture of the sides is necessary to make an accurate scan.

Once the pictures are sent to the company, customers receive an email to let them know whether the pictures are valid or not.

The scanning technology at Dr. Scholl’s maps the foot using 400 points and lets clients customize the arches or heels according to their personal preferences and shape of their feet.

Currently, the soles are available in full length and three-quarter sizes. Both sizes are now available to available to buy for $99

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Featured image shows A 3D printed sole with a customized arch. Image via Dr. Scholl’s.