Dow Chemical enters 3D printing with launch of EVOLV3D platform

Dow Chemical, a subsidiary of DowDuPont, has announced its entry into 3D printing materials market with the launch of the EVOLV3D Universal Support Material (USM) as part of an upcoming  EVOLV3D platform.

Dow first revealed their Liquid Silicone Rubber Solution LC 3335 earlier this year at SolidWorks World together with a 3D printer project from German RepRap. The company has also been involved in additive manufacturing activities ranging from the establishment of US manufacturing hubs to 3D printing structures with MIT.

Dupont first entered 3D printing in 2015 through a partnership with Taulman. Earlier this year, Dupont released a resin-based range of 3D printing filaments, with various properties.

The two chemical companies completed a merger this September and intend to create three independent, publicly-traded companies in the next 18-24 months. One of those independent companies will be the future Dow.

Dupont CEO Edward Breen with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris. Photo via Dow.
Dupont CEO Edward Breen with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris. Photo via Dow.


EVOLV3D USM uses a water soluble support material able to maintain keep its structural integrity whilst being 3D printed. The USM is designed to facilitate the 3D printing of parts with “large overhangs, intricate inner geometries and deep cavities.”

Keith Wilson, market segment manager for Dow stated that with the EVOLV3D USM, it would be “easier to create functional, beautiful and high-performing parts using a variety of build materials.”

The EVOLV3D platform

The USM is the first in the range of EVOLV3D materials, designed with prototyping and manufacturing applications in mind.

Wilson continued by saying that the EVOLVE3D platform had “been developed to respond to the need for versatile, cost-effective and more sustainable materials that effectively address emerging requirements in this fast-growing industry.”

He added that the new range would “greater design freedom” and “reduce product development cycles.”

The EVOLVE3D USM is set to be launched in early 2018, and will be distributed by Tauman.

Dow HQ in Midland, Michigan. Photo via Dow.

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Featured image shows Dow R&D Scientist. Photo via Dow.