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Divide by Zero Shows Off its Made in India Accucraft i 250+ 3D Printer

One of the first companies to offer 3D printers made in India, Divide By Zero has announced their second desktop 3D printer, the Accucraft i 250+. The new 3D printer is a step up in quality from the original i 250 and seems to be full of great features that could make it a 3D printer of enviable quality.

With new opportunities for 3D printing start-ups, thanks to investment groups looking to develop business is India and the debut of an increasing number of 3D printables marketplaces, 3D printing has been hitting the Indian business community this year in a big way. Divide by Zero is one of those companies taking advantage of the new interest in 3D printing, and they are putting out 3D printers compete with most European and US manufactured 3D printers. Here’s a brief promotional video of the new printer:

accucraft i250 3d printingAs with the i250, the Accucraft i 250+ has a respectable 250mm x 250mm x 200mm (9.84in x 9.84in x 787in) build envelope, USB connectivity, and a print accuracy of 80 to 150 microns. You’ll also find the same high quality power source, linear guide rails and a 1.75mm filament diameter. It also supports ABS, PLA, and Nylon filament with a promise for more options in the future. The i 250+, however, adds SD card support and an LCD display. You can also upgrade the printer with a second extruder, allowing prints to be made in two colors or two materials.

The Accucraft i 250+ is constructed out of powder-coated sheet metal and has semi-automatic bed leveling that, according to the company, should only take about a minute to set up. The build platform is also removable in order to to simplify the process of removing and adhering sticking materials. Divide by Zero claims that this will reduce typical machine set up by 98%.

A problem with India importing 3D printers is the lack of warranty and support, so Indian companies have placed an emphasis on technical support and 3D printer training. With the i 250+, you’ll receive a full six month warranty, one year of tech support, and you will also receive a day of in house training. You can learn more about Divide by Zero and their Accucraft 3D printers on their website.

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