3D Printing


We have featured the work of Silvia Weidenbach previously on 3DPI, specifically her 3D printing collaboration with Tobias Klein. However, while Silvia is passionate about her own work, this is mirrored by her innate sense of responsibility in sharing her vision, art and knowledge with future generations.

Silvia has been running a workshop with students from the Royal College of Art (RCA) specializing in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery. The workshop aimed to encouraged students to experiment with emerging technologies as a way to shape and create there ideas of jewellery.

Silvia developed this workshop — quirkily called VIRTUAL INSANITY  — to explore new ways of expression in the virtual realm following the introduction of a haptic arm and 3D printing into her own creative practice.

Silvia explained to me how: “the workshop has explored the question of if/how a feeling can be derived from an idea, notion or even a piece of music,  and subsequently transformed and expressed in the digital space? Is it possible to create in the same manner as when working with a piece of material in our own hands ? Will the lack of gravity in the digital space be an advantage or disadvantage?”

I was not treated to the answers, but readily informed that the results will be available for viewing at an upcoming exhibition at the Goldsmith Centre in London, running from the 26th of February through to early April.

Defintiely one I will try and make some time for.