Democracy comes in popsicles – Taste the Internet with Pixsweet.

Janne Kyttanen is an artist at the cutting edge of digital design. He became a creative director at 3D Systems when the company acquired his 3D printing design and research company Freedom of Creation. Previously on 3DPI we have seen Kyttanen attempting to take 3D printing directly to the people, showing its potential for creating household objects such as a 3D printed geometric sofa, and a complete game of ping pong. Pixsweet is Kyttanen’s latest project looking to democratize manufacturing for the masses. It is a ‘Dessert Design Platform’ and it all starts with popsicles.

Different designs in the Pixsweet popsicle range. Screenshot via:
Different designs in the Pixsweet popsicle range. Image via: Pixsweet.

Kyttanen on the inspiration behind the project:

“My inspiration began in my sculptures at MOMA and thinking I’d like to empower everyone to be able to be a designer in mediums beyond creating museum pieces. I realized the solution was not in bringing 3D printers into their homes but to deliver a platform that makes it extremely fast and simple to be creative with inexpensive materials such as natural sugar syrups, fruit, and water vs. expensive metals and plastics.”

Moving gif image shows a digital render of Pixsweet’s ability to rapidly create packaging stamps via the arrangement of 1000s of individual pins, or ‘pixels’. Image via: the Pixsweet Youtube channel.

The Pixsweet trademark is ‘Taste the Internet’ – customers search for an image, Pixsweet turns it into a 3D model at a rate of 1.3 seconds per pop. This design is then stamped into plastic packaging that serves as a mold for a chosen flavor. It’s not 3D printing at such, more 3D design and certainly it is rapid manufacturing, and takes some control out of the hands of the food industry’s big players.

The project is funded by Kyttanen’s What The Future venture capital fund that focuses on “rapidly creating startups the way some companies create products”. Pixsweet’s website and design platform is currently in Beta mode, but those interested can apply for access by filling out a form. When live, customers will be able to choose from 5 different popsicle flavours devoid of dietary restrictions, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to designs. Though it may be cold outside, we’d certainly be up for trying The Dark Side which is blackberry, watermelon, lime and agave.

Featured image shows a range of designs in the popsicle range. Screenshot via: