Dedicated RepRap 3D Printing Hub at TCT

The RepRap community is set to have a dedicated hub at the upcoming TCT Show + Personalize in September. According to the organisers, the event will truly honour its broad commitment to reach 3D printing users from “hackerspace to aerospace” by hosting the space for the RepRappers.

RepRap favourite Richard Horne will oversee the Hub on the exhibition floor as well as fulfilling his speaking commitment at the conference. He said: “I really look forward to meeting and talking to as many people as possible at the NEC in September. The Personalize section of last year’s show was really buzzing and the flow of information was constant – and of a very high quality.”

Horne’s reputation among makers is borne out of his keen involvement in the RepRap community. These days, RepRap is as much about ethos and philosophy as it is about the self-copying 3D printer and the technology is giving communities in the developing world access to 3D printing, as well as hobbyists keen to print their own 3D designs at home.

In addition to Horne’s own RepRap machines and creations, the RepRap hub at TCT will showcase an appearance from Faberdashery – another favourite among the maker community around the world. UK-based Faberdashery provides the 3D printing community with material for 3D printing. In addition, the founder of RepRap, Dr Adrian Bowyer, will be joining Richard for the show along with RepRapPro Ltd. on the stand, who will have many RepRaps printing RepRaps and will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the future of home 3D printing and how personal manufacturing could evolve in the coming years.