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Creative 3D Technologies debuts CreativeBot Duo 3D printer – Technical Specifications and pricing

Creative 3D Technologies, a 3D printing startup based in Chicago, has unveiled its first 3D printer, the CreativeBot Duo.

The large-format system is designed as a user-friendly, inexpensive, and reliable machine for both makers and manufacturers. Ethan Baehrend, CEO and founder of the company explained:

“We’re bringing a fresh perspective on a market structure that’s more or less not changed for long time.”

“The CreativeBot Duo was created because nothing exists that can perform like the Duo. We’re a company stepping up to the plate, putting in the work to make great printers come to fruition and will continue to make even better in the future.”

The CreativeBot Duo 3D printer. Photo via Creative 3D Technologies.
The CreativeBot Duo 3D printer. Photo via Creative 3D Technologies.

The CreativeBot Duo 

Baehrend, an 18-year-old 3D printing enthusiast, purchased his first 3D printer at the age of 13. Following this, he began refurbishing and upgrading desktop systems, which encouraged him to design a more efficient and creative machine at a reduced cost.

Thus came the CreativeBot Duo. The 3D printer’s dimensions are 1120 x 750 x 1160mm, and it has a minimalist appearance. The machine enables support for layer resolutions as fine as 30 micron and features a flexible Geckotek build plates for the easy removal of 3D printed parts.

Baehrend introduced the first prototype as the youngest exhibitor at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Baehrend seated on the CreativeBot Duo 3D printer. Photo via Creative 3D Technologies.
Baehrend seated on the CreativeBot Duo 3D printer. Photo via Creative 3D Technologies.

For any application

The CreativeBot Duo is not designed for a particular application. With a maximum print speed of 200mm/s, as well as an Independent Dual Extrusion System with E3D Hotends, the Duo aims to ultimately optimize customization and productivity.

The modular frame and toolheads also allow its user to modify the machine for specific needs. In addition, the Duo supports all filaments which melt under 500°C in the diameter of 1.75mm.

“We’re willing to take the risks and put forth the work to push boundaries and provide the very best that this technology has to offer, at a price that customers want and can afford,” added Baehrend.

Technical specifications and pricing 

Technology FFF
Printer Dimensions 1120 x 750 x 1160 mm (screen & chains detached)
Build Volume 910 x 460 x 675mm (Dual)/910 x 500 x 675mm (Single)
Independent dual extrusion E3D Hotends
Print Bed Temperature (maximum) 160°C
Layer Resolution 30-1000 micron
Power 110V
Control 7” Touchscreen, Web Interface

The Founders Edition of the CreativeBot Duo 3D printer is currently available at $8,000 as a pre-order exclusive with estimated delivery in fall 2019.

It’s not too late to nominate for the “Personal 3D printer (FFF) of the year” award and other categories for the upcoming 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019.

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Featured image shows the CreativeBot Duo 3D printer. Photo via Creative 3D Technologies.