3D Printing

Cornell’s Hod Lipson Espouses 3D Printing on CBS Network

So while I was ferrying my various off-spring to football, horse-riding and rowing on Saturday morning, Professor Hod Lipson from Cornell University spent his Saturday morning giving yet another interview on 3D printing. This time to CBS, the US nationwide news network.

He went armed with a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer and was careful, as would be expected, not to overstate the capabilities of said system in its current form. However, with the use of some other video clips, he also pointed to the developments with metal printing for medical implants and some of the current research into 3D bio-printing. It was the most recent ear that was shown, as you will see in the full video interview below.

Rather than shouting that we can do anything and everything right now, it was good to hear Prof Lipson saying that really, we are still “just at the beginning” of what this technology can do.

It was also gratifying to see that the two interviewers had also done their homework in terms of consumers and safety issues, which were highlighted with specific references to the need for certification for many applications and, of course, the issue of guns was raised, but really only in terms of raising the problem not offering a solution, if there even is one?