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Consumer 3D Printing in Serious Growth Phase According to Photizo Group

Market research firm Photizo Group has just released a surprising new report about the financial growth and opportunities for the desktop, consumer, and personal 3D printing market.  According to the report, titled “2014 Consumer and Desktop 3D Printing Market Size, Share, and Forecast”, the low-end 3D printer space, in their estimates, is apace to raise $5.1 billion in revenue worldwide by 2018.

3D printing financial_growthConducted by Scott Dunham, 3D Printing Research Manager for Photizo Group, the report tracks the growth of the desktop 3D printing industry through primary data from hundreds of current and future 3D printer users, as well as 1,300 secondary reference points.  Among this information, Photizo’s report lists that 116,000 low-cost machines were shipped in 2013, which is larger than the number of machines shipped in the previous four years combined.  Dunham suggests that this number will only increase, yielding a $1.79 billion opportunity expected by 2018, with Dunham suggesting, “The expansion of personal and desktop 3D printing shows the potential to achieve $5.1 billion in cumulative revenue through 2018 from printer and consumable sales.”

In examining the consumer 3D printing market across the world, the report breaks down their data by technology, region, and 3D printing materials as it compares to hardware revenue, going so far as to account for fused filament fabrication and light-processing 3D printers, as well as potential future technologies.  In addition to including the printers themselves, the report covers the printable materials themselves, such as plastic filament and light-curable resin.

Altogether, the Group’s forecast is meant to enlighten readers as to the opportunities in the expanding industry.  For instance, the report suggests that new technologies will enter the low-cost segment of the market, including binder-jetting 3D printers.  This one example may refer to the 3D Systems CubeJet, expected to launch later this year for under $5,000.

And, as Photizo has finished up this report on desktop 3D printing, the firm has already begun research on a new 3D printing study, for which they need volunteers.  If you’re interested in participating in their 2014 personal and desktop 3D printing survey, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to Amazon.com’s 3D printing store, a $50 gift card to a 3D printing service and content provider, or a free three-day pass to the 3D Printshow in London.  I wonder if I’m eligible to win…