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colorFabb Contest Winners Reinterpret the 3D Printing Time Lapse Video

To continue our weekend focus on watching 3D printers print stuff, we’ve got the results of ColorFabb’s Time-Lapse Contest, which ran this summer, from June 25th to July 25th. As 3D printing enthusiasts know, a time-lapse video of a desktop fabricator fabricating is an essential part of the 3D printing culture. With the technology requiring multiple hours to print objects of substantial size, the 3D printing time-lapse video has become a mainstay of our industry. Filament supplier colorFabb is well aware of this iconic part of the 3DP world, posting about two time-lapse videos every week. And, with their latest contest, colorFabb wanted the 3D printing community to spice things up a bit by submitting unique time lapse videos for a chance to win the following prizes:

  • First Place: a colorFabb Value Pack, made up of 16 spools of filament
  • Second Place: 4 spools of colorFabb 3d printing filament
  • Third Place: 2 spools of colorFabb 3d printing filament
  • Most views: 2 spools of colorFabb 3d printing filament

With any 3D printer and any type of filament, contestants created their own take on the 3DP time-lapse tradition and the winners came up with some pretty interesting results.  First place went to Boris Tekaty for his video, “Spiral of Life”. A man after my own heart, Tekaty places 3D printing the context of the evolution of the Universe, starting with the Big Bang and 3D printing the various stages of live that have taken place since single-celled organisms.

Didier Klein received second place with “Busted – From scan to bust with ColorFabb”, a time-lapse that includes the scanning, modeling, and printing of a bust.

And designin 3d submitted “colorFabb Football Match”, a combination animated short and time-lapse video, in which a soccer/football field is 3D printed, along with all of the players of a game.

Finally, the winner of the most views was Made in NEVERLAND, with its video, “Albert Einstein 3D printing using colorFabb filament by Printrbot Simple”.

I’d never thought of 3D printing time-lapse videos in this way before and, thanks to colorFabb and its winners, I never will look at this time-honored tradition the same way again.