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CL3VER CAD Publishing Platform Gets Cleverer

Since I last wrote about CL3VER, a cloud-based 3D model publishing platform, the online software has made a number of improvements and it can be safely said that it has moved out of Beta. If you didn’t catch our first post on the topic, or you don’t feel like reading it now, CL3VER allows users to upload their 3D models to the cloud, where they can create textured scenes that may be embedded into web pages or shared online.  Using such a platform gives architects, designers, and the like the ability to easily show their 3D work to others across the web. The CL3VER team has been continually improving their program, extending both its capabilities and its audience.

foot 3d printing Cl3ver

In my first post on CL3VER, I whined like a seven-year-old about the entry-level price for the software, which was about $20 a month. The company may have heard my whinging, reducing the entry-level package to $0/month. Of course, not all of the features are available, unless you move up to the next pay grade, but give me freemium or give me death, I say. Though you may only be able to upload three projects and obtain 500 visitors, I see this as a substantial improvement towards the company’s goal to “democratize the creation of real-time 3D and 3D rendering through an ‘all in one’ cloud platform.”

For those of you who aren’t as broke as I am, you’ll be more interested in the software’s added capabilities. The software now has a built-in package for creating presentations. After labelling your project, you can create a series of steps for the camera to take your presentee through, making for an interactive, 3D Power Point presentation or guided tour, as you can see in the video below. Though it hasn’t been officially released yet, CL3VER is also in the process of launching its iOS app, perfect for demonstrating a 3D project on your iPad at in-person interviews. Finally, though it may not be an improvement in the software itself, it is an improvement in the user experience — the company has launched web and support forums where users can get help with their projects.

CL3VER may be a glossy way for 3D printable designers to demonstrate the use of their prints in unique environments. Thingiverse might work for simple prints to share with friends and others in the community.  Apps like CL3VER give professionals a tool with which to showcase an item, perhaps not yet at the prototype stage, in a lifelike scene. And, now that there’s a free version of the software available, there’s not much reason not to, at least, give it a try.  And, if you don’t feel like doing that, you should at least check out this sweet, highly rendered model of a foot.

Source: CL3VER