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CGTrader Introduces New API to Connect 3D Designers & Businesses to Customers

Since its start in 2011, CGTrader has eased its way into being one of the most widely recognized international 3D design marketplaces, offering users access to high quality 3D models and giving designers a safe-haven to interact with one another. The Lithuania-based online community is attempting to push the envelope one step further with the new Application Program Interface (API) they have just launched for their marketplace. The newly implemented API will assist businesses and designers with uploading their 3D models and distributing them to customers as well.


“[The] API launch is a meaningful step forward in expanding our 3D content library, creating business opportunities as well as improving designer workflows,” said the co-founder and CEO of CGTrader Dalia Lasaite in a recent CGTrader blog post. “We believe the API will benefit many players in the 3D industry, such as 3D scanning software developers, who will have an opportunity to upload and sell designs automatically, and 3D modeling or 3D printing services, which will expand their offering to the customers.”

3Dprinting_cgtraderThe API will help these designers and businesses by offering a one-click import process, solving the time-consuming issues that often plague the process of manually importing 3D models into an online marketplace. By easing the workflow of design importing, CGTrader is attempting to make it an easier task to create an online 3D store through their platform. CGTrader will also be giving their members access to 3D printable model listings, images, and purchase models, allowing businesses to expand their 3D modeled product lines. The API stands to especially serve businesses looking for a customer base for 3D design, allowing them to upload an abundant amount of 3D products onto the marketplace.

“We are excited to provide the opportunity to get 3D printable model listings, images and purchase models on CGTrader through the API,” Lasaite said. “This will be especially interesting for businesses seeking to expand their product catalogs, and software vendors aiming to ease 3D design workflows, thereby creating win-win partnerships.”

CGTrader has maintained its standing in the 3D marketplace world, in part, thanks to their partnerships with companies such as Intel and Astroprint, and hope that their new API can help jump-start new content and projects from other businesses and designers. Those interested in the new interface being implemented into CGTrader can explore the API documentation here on their website. With an already well-established community of designers and 3D printing enthusiasts, CGTrader’s new API seems to be laying down the foundation for businesses and designers to open 3D model storefronts to be better built on their platform.