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CES Preview updated HP Sprout Pro and 3D scanning announced

Ahead of their CES arrival, HP have unveiled an upgrade to their HP Sprout Pro. The HP Sprout Pro G2 is an all-in-one 3D scanning computer with touchpad and projector. HP initially released the Sprout for hobbyists and amateur use but released a later version with ‘Pro’ added to the name last year. The machine allows users to 3D scan objects through the camera which looms over the top of the screen and then modify them through use of the touchpad and projector below. According to HP, the only thing missing for a 3D printing user is the 3D printer itself.

What’s new?

The new Sprout Pro does not just have a new black paint job, the upgraded device features a new Intel Core i7 processor, a NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics card and a new pressure-sensitive active stylus. This new active stylus allows the touchpad to differentiate between a person’s hand and the pen meaning it should stop the palm of your hand from interfering when drawing.

The new HP Sprout Pro G2. Image via HP.
The new HP Sprout Pro G2. Image via HP.

Elsewhere, HP have improved the display making it slightly larger, at 23.8 inches opposed to 23, with a bigger 21.3 inch touchpad. They’ve upgraded the camera to create more detailed 3D scans and also provided a dock for the keyboard which is actually very useful as it enables the keyboard to be easily stored out of the way of the touchpad. According to HP, the Sprout can ‘capture reality and create precise 360° 3D models using enhanced structured light scanning technology to enable productivity and creativity.’

Not just new hardware

To accompany the new machine, HP has revealed that they will be concentrating also on improving the compatible software options for the device which have been fairly limited for the Sprout in the past. The software coined ‘WorkTools’ enables the device to work fluidly with Windows 10 and is aimed to fully utilize the computer’s wide functionality and improve usability. 

The HP Sprout G2 has education and collaboration in mind. Image via HP.
The HP Sprout G2 has education and collaboration in mind. Image via HP.

The HP Sprout Pro series has been created with the idea of use in education and even industry and this new updated version is further this. Pricing and availability will be announced around March 2017. Expected to be priced similarly to the current Sprout Pro so upwards of $2,000. This announcement is another way in which HP are looking towards 3D printing, having recently produced their first 3D printer, the HP Multi-Jet Fusion, which has just begun shipping.

We’re hoping to get a better look at the device ourselves later on this year to really get a feel for its usability. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead of CES news.

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Featured image shows the HP Sprout Pro G2 in action. Image via HP.