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Celebrate Movember (and every other month) with 3D Printed Facial Hair

If you’re not familiar with it already, Movember is a global charity event that raises money and awareness of men’s health issues. Participants start clean-shaven on November 1st, and gather pledges throughout their “no-shave November”.

But what if you’re incapable of growing whiskers? Or fancy something that can be applied or removed at a moment’s notice? The 3D printing community has you covered.


Having followed Thingiverse for years now, I’ve always been fascinated — and delighted — by the amount and variety of facial hair projects uploaded by users: Clip-ons, rings, props, bottle charms(!), you name it.

There are even celebrity-themed ‘taches if you want to go super-specific. This screenshot of Thingiverse user zenix painstakingly creating a Tom Selleck design never fails to make me laugh:


I can’t explain the popularity, but I’ve certainly participated in it. I’ve made literally hundreds of Amy Hurst’s moustache rings to give away at various 3D printing events:


We may never know what makes plastic whiskers so compelling… Whatever it is, you can get started on your own moustache today by browsing the “facial hair” tag on Thingiverse!

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