Cazza construction startup promises to reveal secret 3D printing technology

Serial-entrepreneur Chris Kelsey and his business partner Fernando De Los Rios have founded a new company aiming to use 3D printing in construction. The announcement from Cazza Construction Technologies come just one month after the now 19-year-old Kelsey sold his previous company, Appsitude, to app developer and investor Deepansh Jain.

Kelsey’s history as a high-school drop-out has led some to make comparisons to tech magnates Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who had a similar early career path. Kelsey’s concept for Cazza comes from a global conscience and while speaking to tech website, Tech in Asia he describes his fear of global warming and a desire to ‘change the world’ as motivating factors.

Chris Kelsey (left) and business partner Fernando De Los Rios. Photo via: Cazza.
Chris Kelsey (left) and business partner Fernando De Los Rios. Photo via: Cazza.

How do they do it?

Tech in Asia’s article claims that Cazza has already ‘developed its own proprietary construction material: a concrete-like substance that it says is up to 80 percent recycled material’ and has ‘50 engineers employed around the world’. This leads us to speculate that Cazza perhaps has partnerships within the industry.

Having 50 worldwide employees in their company is entirely more likely considering internet connectivity, but if their LinkedIn profile is anything to go by (and it quite often isn’t) only Kelsey and De Los Rios are listed as employees.

Entrepreneurial history

Kelsey’s previous company Appsitude was founded in 2014, when Kelsey was only 17. With Appsitude, Kelsey and a small team of programmers developed ‘Apps with attitude’ for individual clients and websites. It has since developed into an accelerator, partnering with startup companies on their app development.

Chris Kelsey's apps: Where’s That Emoji? (left) SST-CITWF (center) and Trip to Remember (right) Screenshots via: Apple Mobile App Store
Chris Kelsey’s apps: Where’s That Emoji? (left) SST-CITWF (center) and Trip to Remember (right) Screenshots via: Apple Mobile App Store

Of the apps made by Appsitude, 3DPI were able to track down the titles: Trip to Remember travel app, SST-CITWF album companion, and Where’s That Emoji? game on the Apple App Store.

Embedded video shows Chris Kelsey’s interview with CleverTap from October 2015

Speaking to a representative of CleverTap mobile analytics app in October 2015, Kelsey mentions working with an architect to develop an app to get high-profile celebrity clients into the house design process. Kelsey doesn’t mention the name of his client so 3DPI were unable to check the app. Results were equally unclear when researching the ‘Napa architect’ behind Ellen DeGeneres’ house, Steve Jobs’ kitchen and the houses of Pixar employees: it could be anyone from Howard Backen to Buff & Hensman. However, the rapid development of Cazza could be the result of partnerships with architectural clients.

Full details are currently under wraps 

Cazza's 6 construction principles. Image via:
Cazza’s 6 construction principles. Image via:

Tech in Asia also stated that the full extent of Cazza’s technology would be kept a secret until December. We’re always interested to see new developments in the 3D printing industry, however we are also wary of companies tagging 3D printing onto a project to generate excitement. 3DPI have sent a request for more information from the company and will be sure to inform our readers of any updates as they become available. If nothing else, Kelsey certainly has our attention.

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Featured image shows a concept design of one of Cazza’s houses, via: Cazza Construction Technologies on Facebook.