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Call for help, save my duck with your design!



At 3D Printing Industry we always love hearing how the 3D printing technology can positively impact our lives, we have covered how 3D printed leg saved a duck, how creating a mobility cart for a Chihuahua with a birth defect assisted Boody to move, and many others.

Obviously I couldn’t not react when Sonya send me an email this morning, asking for assistance. I feel I’m sure with our community we can be of great help.

I decided I could share this with you, and ask our community to come with a great design and some 3D Print for Sonya.

Sonya message – 14/05/2016:

My name is Sonya and I live in Florida. This is Cuddles the duck.

She is about 2 weeks old. Cuddles was born with both legs deformed. She can move the legs but as you can see the feet did not form properly and the legs are not long enough to reach the ground. She is able to scoot around a little using her beak to help. I am looking for anyone will to help this little duck become mobile so she can live a happy life. Any help, advise or information about the possibility of prosthetics for her would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Sonya Collins

Any help from 3D designers, 3D makers is welcome, please drop us an email at: [email protected]

We will keep you updated, and hopefully will comme back with good news in the following days!

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