Builder Launches Builder Premium 3D Printer Line

When it comes to 3D printing, no one does it like the Dutch, who have been leaders in the industry every step of the way.  Among the popular desktop 3D printer brands from the Netherlands is Builder 3D Printers, who have already proven themselves with their first line of 3D printers, which included the Dual-Feed and Big Builder systems.  Now, the company has upgraded their machines with the new Builder Premium line, available in three different heights and with a number of features that consumers have come to expect in new desktop machines.

Builder Premium 3D printers in white

Available in either red or white, the Builder Premium line is comes in Small, Medium, and Large, with all having X and Y axes of 210 x 210 mm, but the Z axes growing from 200 mm, with the Small, to 400 mm and 600 mm for the Medium and Large models. All models come equipped with a 4.3 inch, full-color touch screen for managing every aspect of a given print job, from heating the nozzle and print bed to loading filament.  Not only do the fully-enclosed Premium machines have heated beds, but they also feature Wi-Fi and an on-board camera, for managing and monitoring prints remotely.

builder premium 3D printer lcd screen

Additionally, the Builder Premium line comes with a Dual-Feed system that makes it possible to print two colors or materials through one nozzle.  This feature appears to be similar to that implemented by ZMorph’s new toolhead, in that it can blend two colors or materials in a single print. The Builder’s software enables multicolor/multimaterial printing easily, according to the company, without the leakage seen in dual extruder setups.

builder dual-feed 3D printing extruder

Sales manager of Builder 3D Printers, Niels Hunck, says of the new line, “The original Builders have been received very well by the 3D printing industry but we felt the need to o er the right t for every customer. This is why we have worked hard on the Builder Premium which reflects the current state of technology from our everyday life.”

premium builder 3D printer red top

The Builder Premium series is now available for pre-order through the Builder site and official resellers, with shipments expected in late November, in time for the holidays. Though the company has its own dedicated following, they may not be quite as well-known in the US.  That may change, however, with this latest line-up, which competes against the likes of Ultimaker, with its own range of small, medium, and large machines.  The prices may be a bit higher, with the Small selling for €2,450 ($2,700), but, with that price comes an on-board camera, Wi-Fi, and a dual-feed extruder, possibly worth the increased price.