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Blueprinter Introduces New Elastic Material and M2 Model

Okay, it’s easy for the Bueprinter to be everyone’s favourite selective heat sintering (SHS) 3D printer as it is the only company in the world that currently offers such a system on the market. Still, Blueprinter’s technology is not hard to like, not least because it is low cost, high quality and it just looks cool. Now it is even more likeable as it has introduced a new model which, combined with the new M-Flex material, will offer even better sintering performance.

M2 Model Blueprinter 3d printer side

The Blueprinter works by sinterinzing plastic powder in a similar way to Selective Laser Sintering, only it uses a heat source (a thermal print head similar to that used for 2D thermal paper receipts) to sinter the plastic particles rather than a laser. The new powder materials that Blueprinter is offering, will reportedly produce parts that are up to three times as strong as the previous materials used, while also offering dramatically increased flexibility (see the video below for confirmation). Now parts can be twisted, turned, bent and tested before they are put into production.

“We can now create parts that are really strong and flexible. The M2 and M-flex makes it possible to create thinner and more delicate parts than previously. We seek to empower people to create – and with these latest creations it is now possible to let your creativity run wild,” said Blueprinter CEO, Niels Appel.

The M2 was developed as an evolution of the first Blueprinter model specifically to get the best use out of the new material. The company worked around the clock to improve he way the onboard computer controls the thermal print heads. A better regulation of the heat through the thermal print heads makes it possible to better determine the structure and form the 3D printed parts. If you can’t wait to see it live, the Bueprinter team will once again be at Euromold in Frankfurt.

SHSee you there!