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AutoDesk Releases New Meshmixer (Free Download from Their Sandbox)

AutoDesk has released an updated Meshmixer app available through its 123D family of apps. It is a free download and allows users to edit and combine scanned files as well as repair files from scans and prepare them for 3D printing. The video displays some of the surreal composites as models from the uses of the Meshmixer. The new interface, streamlined for aesthetics and easier navigation promotes fluid and organic interactions. Three bullet points underscore the new version. The focus tends towards interface. A side row of icons lists a cornucopia of tools to adjust and form models. The second addition is an amalgamation of tools for organic support for 3D structures.

The different support structures adjust based on need and function. The user can form additional triangular buttresses and determine points of support, thickness and other determinates individualized by need and preference. The surface space of bases and connections to the original structure can be isolated and played with until the user is consoled by the desired support structure. The third upgrade touted is a navigation option for mouse interaction. These updates look to streamline the interface while simultaneously providing more options for users.

AutoDesk urges you to consider the Meshmixer 2 as digital clay opperable with mesh file producers like 123D Catch or MakerBot Digitizer. The models twist and bend expanding their form according to whimsy and the support promises to be relatively easy to break away especially if the surface area connecting to the original structure is small. A fun tool and a free dowload make Meshmixer 2 a promising app looking to provide more options and user-friendly interface so that you can focus on your 3D printing creativity.

Source: Autodesk