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Corey Clarke
Corey has a keen interest in 3D printing and all tech-related news, as well as the wider impact of additive manufacturing.

Open Source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has released an update to their Sigma 3D printer. The Sigma is known for its independent dual extruder system (IDEX), which works with multi-materials, mutlicolors and simultaneous support [...]

Roland DG has announced the creation of a new subsidiary called DGSHAPE in order to manage their 3D printing and other related projects. The company says they will be transferring the "development and sales of 3D milling machines, [...]

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has revealed development plans for the Eastern region of the UK's capital city. The plans include the largest 3D printing center in the UK. With this development, Khan hopes to create tens of thous [...]

The additive manufacturing arm of multinational company Wipro have announced a new partnership with Print Form. 3D printing consultancy firm Print Form are headquartered in Atlanta, USA with a localized Innovation Center in Mumbai [...]

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. (AMT) will receive a £624,000 ($782,000) grant from Innovate UK to refine a new automated post-processing method for 3D printed parts. The Sheffield company will work within a consortium al [...]

Intech DMLS, a metal additive manufacturing company from India, have announced the development of the country's first jet engine series. Developed by Intech's R&D arm, 'Poeir Jets', the MJE20 engine starts small, powering unma [...]

Global advanced manufacturing and 3D printing company ARC Group (NASDAQ:ARCW) has reported fiscal second quarter results for the period ending January 1 2017. ARC report an increase in sales, but the company is currently operating [...]

New research from the University of Texas looks at liquid metal and the findings have interesting applications for metal additive manufacturing. The study focuses on, "splat morphology." Splat morphology refers to the "study of th [...]

German 3D printing experts EOS have announced a new partnership with British manufacturers GKN. Following this, GKN announced plans for a new digital area for metal additive manufacturing at one of their German plants. The partner [...]

Researchers from South Korea's Hanyang University have used 3D printing to create bespoke horn antenna. The proposed antenna have particular application in electromagnetic wave research. In order to create the device, the team use [...]