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Beau Jackson
Beau Jackson
Writer based in London, originally from Yorkshire. Fan of lab-on-a-chip technology, microfluidics, scanning, tech-inspired art and 3D Benchy.

University of New Orleans assistant professor Damon Smith has been awarded a grant for research to expand the range of materials available for 3D printers. Smith and his team at the department of mechanical engineering will focus [...]

Sliced in today's 3D printing news digest: EnvisionTEC, ITRI, Materialise, Ricoh, Concept Laser, Autodesk, GE, Cooksongold, BMC Gioielli, EOS, ProPhotonix, Mazak, 3DCeram, 3D Matters, Model Solution and a gender-fluid Instructable [...]

Canadian plasma specialist PyroGenesis (OTCQB: PYRNF) has announced a new 3D printer materials division under the name PyroGenesis Additive. First proposed in 2016, the launch has been timed strategically after assessing the marke [...]

Within the next few weeks, the U.S. Marines are set to launch a 3D printed drone as part of their combat operations. Named “The Nibbler”, this unmanned aircraft will be the first of its kind to be used in an area of conflict by th [...]

3D printing research led by Marc in het Panhuis at the University of Wollongong, Australia, is helping surfers find the perfect ride. By applying 3D printer technology to fins used to steer the board, Panhuis and his team are open [...]

As a corn-based and biodegradable plastic, PLA, the material used in almost every desktop 3D printer, has been researched for its potential industrial applications. The material is particularly desirable in place of other plastics [...]

Injection molding company Techniplas LLC is to speed up product development with a new additive manufacturing center in Ventura, California. Operations at the unit will be overseen by Avi Reichental who, from 2003 to 2015, was Pre [...]

On June 22, Cyant and Women in 3D Printing will host the latest event of their #3DTalk series in Paris, France. This month's topic is on the role of 3D printing in the connected Internet of Things (IoT) - asking if additive could [...]

Professor Cho Sung-ho's research team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed an algorithm that creates 3D models of large areas in a short amount of time. Used on a drones, the technology c [...]

In today's Sliced digest of 3D printing and 3D printer news we feature Gartner, Louise Driggers, the U.S. Navy, University of Pittsburgh, EOS, MIT, Carleton University, Thermwood, 3D babies, Sirbonu, Renishaw, Land Rover, Jamela L [...]