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Beau Jackson
Beau Jackson
Writer based in London, originally from Yorkshire. Fan of lab-on-a-chip technology, microfluidics, scanning, tech-inspired art and 3D Benchy.

Voxelise is a computer aided design (CAD) program developed by UK-based software company Digimania. Its pixelated style is designed to get children into 3D modeling, and allows users to 3D print their creations and Minecraft impor [...]

Torbjørn Ludvigsen is a RepRap enthusiast, and has a Master’s degree in engineering physics from Umeå University in Sweden.  From the last week of February 2017 to 9th March 2017 he has been 3D printing a gigantic Tower of Babel u [...]

Collaborative research from the UK's Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Chester, and Central South University in China, demonstrates the use of graphene based PLA to make energy storage devices. The study proves [...]

Additive manufacturing company Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSYS), headquartered in Israel, has announced financial results for the full year and final quarter of 2016. Revenue for Q4 is $175.3 million, compared to $173.4 million for th [...]

Research from the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Department of Orthopaedics at Harvard Medical School, MA, demonstrates the use of a domestic 3D printer for use in bone operations. The study shows how, for [...]

Research, funded in part by the Danish Council for Independent Research Technology and Production Sciences, takes inspiration from oyster and abalone shells for stronger materials. A combination of algorithm-based design and multi [...]

Palette is a tool from Canada's Mosaic Manufacturing. Instead of requiring multi-nozzles or upgrades to the printer, this Arduino-based system works side by side with a FFF 3D printer to create multi-material objects in up to four [...]

With at least 25 different 3D file formats currently in use around the world, MakePrintable is the cloud-based model fixing software that makes such files 3D printer ready. The software has auto-fix controls designed to eradicate  [...]

3devo, the Netherlands based makers of the NEXT 1.0 Industrial Desktop Filament Extruder has announced their latest innovation: the SHR3D IT. The SHR3D IT system is a high-end shredder and granulator used to recycle 3D printed pla [...]

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS), has released two advanced materials: FDM Nylon 12CF and Agilus30. FDM Nylon 12CF is rigid and ideal for functional prototypes and end-use components in automotive and aerospace ind [...]