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Beau Jackson
Beau Jackson
Writer based in London, originally from Yorkshire. Fan of lab-on-a-chip technology, microfluidics, scanning, tech-inspired art and 3D Benchy.

3D printed metal and electronics company Optomec, has been awarded a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to continue development of its Adaptive Laser Sintering System (ALSS). Used as a post processing system f [...]

Medical device company K2M (NASDAQ:KTWO), headquartered in Virginia, has announced that its 3D printed MOJAVE spinal support implant has achieved clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). With this certificatio [...]

Dr. Adrian Keppler, managing director of industrial 3D printer company EOS GmbH, has been appointed the company's new CEO and Speaker of Corporate Management. Dr. Hans J. Langer, the founder of EOS will stay on as CEO and Chairman [...]

Research led by the James M. Tour Group at Rice University, Texas, has developed an automated metal powder 3D printing method to make free-standing 3D graphene foams. The process allows for facile preparation of the material in bu [...]

Since 2014, the Volkswagen Autoeuropa factory in Portugal has been using 3D printers to produce tooling components for use on the assembly line. Volkswagen has announced that, in 2016, the factory made an annual saving of $160,000 [...]

3D printer labs in schools, universities, MakerSpaces, Fab Labs and bureaus face an every day challenge of fulfilling the demand with multiple print jobs. Noticing a need for guidance in this area, researchers at the University of [...]

Why would you want to 3D print in water? New research into materials shows a novel technique with applications for 3D bioprinting. Materials scientist Shlomo Magdassi, who recently featured in our Future of 3D Printing guest serie [...]

Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE:CRS) has announced the production of CARTECH® PURIS 5+™ titanium powder for metal 3D printing. The custom alloy was created to achieve maximum reusability without a compromise to the material [...]

3D modeling software has successfully been used to convince an issuer of national identity cards that the digital model is a photographic representation of a real person. Raphaël Fabre is an artist and graduate of the École nation [...]

A metal turbine nozzle, 3D printed by French aerospace and defense company Safran (EPA:SAF), has been certified for flight by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Made from a nickel alloy, the nozzle is one of the core comp [...]