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Beau Jackson
Writer based in London but originally from Yorkshire. Loves all new, creative and innovative technologies.

3D Printing Industry's most recent slice of 3D printing news features: the Light Rider 3D printed motorcycle; Robo 3D scaling up production of 3D printers; Polaroid launching 3D pen across Europe; Shining 3D entering a new distrib [...]

In 2016 Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, shared how embracing new technologies, including 3D printing, is his strategy for the company’s survival. Sales figures for 2016 show just how successful this custom-made appro [...]

California-based commercial aerospace company Moon Express, are on track to send their Electron rocket to the Moon in 2017. The Electron is propelled by 3D printed engines made by Rocket Lab, headquartered in Los Angeles. The proj [...]

CLIP based 3D printing technology developers Carbon are integrating the Oracle Cloud to manage HR, customer experience, financial services, and their supply chain. Moving to The Cloud will help streamline processes behind the scen [...]

Not only has Alibaba, the world’s largest online retailer, shown interest in Winbo’s products, but the Chinese company is also supporting boutique retailers with their Super Helper 3D printer series.  All three models of the Winb [...]

Using 3D printing for jewelry design opens up new possibilities for unique crafted objects, but creators need powerful tools. The suite of CAD/CAM software from Type3 is specially designed for industries that require such precisio [...]

While the name Polygonica may be unfamiliar, chances are if you work in the 3D printing industry you have used their product. From an office in the historic manufacturing city of Sheffield, UK, MachineWorks software has been a dri [...]

3D Printing Industry reviews recent real world examples of 3D bioprinting and additive manufacturing methods in medicine. The use of 3D printing for surgical planning took another step forward recently, we look at the use of 3D pr [...]

New York based engineering materials and solutions company Arconic (NYSE:ARNC) was formed from the division of metal specialist Alcoa in November 2016. While some are content to gaze into the crystal ball and forecast the future o [...]

Publicly listed in November 2016, CELLINK (NASDAQ:CELLNK B), Sweden-based manufacturers of bioinks and 3D bioprinters, are releasing a third 3D printer for medical research. 3D Printing Industry spoke to Erik Gatenholm, CELLINK's [...]