Auction Now Open: 3D Printing Industry donates over $280,000 to support Ukrainian refugees

The Together We are Strong initiative has launched a donation-based silent auction in support of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Starting today, the event will feature over 30 items totaling more than $280,000 in value.

Conceived in early March, Together We are Strong was born of an initial call by EOS CEO Marie Langer and Arno Held, Chief Venture Officer of AM Ventures. The association comprises a growing collection of companies operating in the 3D printing industry and is dedicated to supporting the policies of the German Federal Government, EU, and NATO in countering the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Michael Petch, Editor-in-chief of 3D Printing Industry, said, “It’s heartening to see how the Together We are Strong initiative has grown from those first twenty companies to pledge support in early March to encompass the wider Additive Manufacturing community.”

The initiative is now auctioning over 30 goods and services donated by a variety of companies in the additive manufacturing sector, including BigRep, Markforged, EOS, BigRep, 3D Printing Industry, 3YOURMIND and many more.

All proceeds from the virtual silent auction will go directly towards the 3D printing of medical and aerospace parts needed by Ukrainians, as well as educational workshops for Ukrainian refugees to train in the use of 3D printing technologies. These endeavors are expansions of existing projects that are currently ongoing.

The Ukrainian flag.
The Ukrainian flag. Image via Wikipedia.

How does it work?

Hosted by 3YOURMIND, the silent auction will run from May 17 (10 am EDT) to May 19 (12 pm EDT) to correspond with RAPID + TCT 2022, who is supporting the program. Financial donations will still be possible after these dates.

To participate in the silent auction and make a bid, register on the auction platform here. The highest bidder for each item will have their winnings sent to them directly by the donating company.

Non-winning bidders will be given the opportunity to commit their bids as financial donations instead. Anyone wishing to make a voluntary financial donation can do so via PayPal.

3YOURMIND invites all organizations speaking at RAPID + TCT to use their platforms to inform listeners of the silent auction and the wider Together We are Strong initiative.

Over 30 items worth $280,000+

The range of items being sold through the silent auction is as vast as the industry itself. While the total value of the donations has surpassed $280,000, bidders will potentially be able to secure the items for much less as the opening bids are heavily discounted. Looking down the list, we have three different 3D printers on offer: a Markforged Mark Two composite system, a NEXA3D XiP desktop machine, and NEXA3D’s NXE 200.

On the software front, 3YOURMIND is donating a one-year license for its Digital Inventory Lighthouse software, while nTopology has listed a one-year subscription to its topology optimization platform.

We at 3D Printing Industry have donated a six-month dedicated email marketing campaign to the highest bidder.

There is also a whole host of novel 3D printed items to be won: EOS has 3D printed a high-end violin made using EOS PEEK HP3; Gefertec has produced a lamp using WAAM technology; and BigRep has 3D printed geometric stools, a Mandalorian helmet, and a three-foot-tall decorative vase.

In the artistic sphere, 3dArtech is offering a range of 3D printed artworks, Desktop Metal has 3D printed a steel necklace called the Catena, while Sygnis will be donating a lineup of 3D printed ring designs cast in a metal of the winner’s choice.

The full list of silent auction items can be found here.

The 3D printed BigRep Terra Stool. Photo via BigRep.
The 3D printed BigRep Terra Stool. Photo via BigRep.

The 3D printing community takes a stand

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, members of the additive manufacturing industry have rallied to provide support for those affected. 3YOURMIND and Sygnis started working with start-up backer TeenCrunch to support the ‘Tech Against Tanks’ initiative. The project has since been manufacturing and delivering 3D printed medical, tactical, and protective equipment to the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Many of the world’s most prominent 3D printing companies also responded to the invasion by cutting business ties with firms that operate in Russia. EOS, 3D Systems, Zortrax, and HP have all stopped sales to Russian businesses.

Finally, there’s also been a tidal wave of 3D printed medical components being delivered to Ukraine. Medical device developer Glia issued an appeal to get its open-source tourniquets into the country, Barcelona-based BCN3D 3D printed 300 tourniquet parts for two hospitals in the cities of Kryvyi Rih and Dnipro, while Project DIAMOnD was one of the latest organizations to commit to 3D printing tourniquet clips using its network of distributed machines.

3D printing tourniquet parts on the BCN3D Epsilon series W50 3D printer. Photo via BCN3D.
3D printing tourniquet parts on the BCN3D Epsilon series W50 3D printer. Photo via BCN3D.

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