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Aston Martin Magazine Created a Super Detailed 3D Printed Typeface

The glossy publication Aston Martin Magazine recently printed an editorial exploring how 3D printing has revolutionized how cars are designed and manufactured, and they had an artist design and print a detailed 3D typeface to show off what 3D printing can do.

aston martin typeface 3d printing

The typeface was created by Canadian designer and letter artist Ben Johnson who is originally from Cape Town, but is currently based in Toronto, Canada. His background is in lettering and design, so he was asked to create an intricate typeface for Aston Martin Magazine that could be 3D printed.

aston martin cad 3d printingThe design was intended to be complicated in order to show how advanced 3D printing has become, but also needed to feel regal and high-end, like the car marqie it was being patterned after. Once he created his 3D design it was printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 using a basic PLA material.

typeface detail 3d printingYou can find out more about the Aston Martin Typeface on Johnson’s Behance profile, and you can find out more about the artist and his fantastic lettering work on his facebook page. And if you want to read the article from Aston Martin Magazine, here are some scans of the pages:

aston martin magazine typeface 3d printing aston martin magazine typeface 3d printing