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Artistic Duo Deliver Lady Gaga Sculpture Birthing Blue Steel Ball

Art Rave allows contemporary artists a platform to showcase their concepts with various media and 3D printing made its presence felt this year. Scott Eaton, a force in digital art, partnered with Jeff Koons to create a memorable sculpture of the pop diva and cultural force, Lady Gaga. The Huffington Post refers to Koons as “arguably one of the most important living contemporary artists,” therefore underscoring the impact of the ivory hued work. Gaga sits nude with bangs and straight hair falling behind arms cupping her breasts. Her legs rest spread apart leaving room for the perfectly smooth blue steel ball as if birthed.

An achromatic Gaga focuses the audience on the form and identity which must be derived from the flawless form itself without any colour cues. The features heighten without imposed value distinction and become almost overwhelming as most neo-classical forms. Eaton and Koons’ sculpture paradoxically echoes the Roman and Greek sculptures emulated in the Neo-classical tradition and breaks free from standard feminine roles in art. While the piece is beautiful, mimicking its musical muse, it does not simply find the female form as an object of beauty or sensuality. These elements are evident, but the apparent birth of a globe transcends the traditional role of an artist “muse” in the Bretonian manifesto mould.

gaga 3D Printed Scott EatonIt is easy to let the mind run with interpretations of the sculpture and the significance of the sphere. It is a ball, blue, calm or bruised; it is a globe, empty or full of possibility. Clean and shiny and empty the sphere can be divine, the tabula rasa of humanity (if such a notion is possible). Instigating discussion happens to be the universal response, the sign of provocative and often important art, this time stemming from 3D scanning. The simple design marks a delineation from the usual ornate style associated with Gaga. Eaton and Koons have truly left an impression at Art Rave and beyond.