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Aether 1 is the Most Powerful & Affordable Bioprinter Ever

The future is approaching swiftly and without restriction, as proven by the latest advancement in bioprinting. With recent confirmation that bioprinted tissues can potentially be implanted into human patients in the next 10 years, and efforts to create biomaterial from patients’ own stem cells, it seems the medical community is making significant strides in research, development and application thanks to innovative 3D printed technology. The latest development in the field to shock experts and audiences is the Aether 1 bioprinter. Watch below as a prototype of the stunning machine effortlessly prints two bones connected by a tendon using synthetic bone, conductive ink, stem cells and graphene oxide.

The impressive Aether 1 is capable of printing with more than 10 different organic and inorganic materials at once, an unprecedented feat for any 3D printer. In truly versatile fashion, the printer can also be used with laser cutters and CNC routers, and even has mounts capable of holding writing utensils and paintbrushes. The above demonstration shows four syringes and two droplet jets working together to generate a seamless final product. Though it won’t be used for actual implantation, the bone here is a clear indication of the endless possibilities available in the very near future.

In an inspiring effort to ensure that innovation is accessible to all innovators regardless of budget, the makers of the Aether 1 have priced the state-of-the-art bioprinter well below the $200,000+ price tags of its competitors. The Aether 1 will only cost an astonishing $9,000! Along with the aforementioned versatile features, the Aether 1 will also host a slew of other specifications, including optional features, such as:

  • Eight pneumonic syringe extruder with retraction system
  • Heated glass syringe extruder
  • Laser engraving
  • 7-inch 480p touchscreen
  • Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Mega 2560 processors
  • Interior temperature control
  • Automatic stage leveling
  • Wi-fi Internet
  • And so much more!


The first batch of Aether 1 bioprinter will be donated to research facilities and universities later this summer, while retailers will have to wait until Fall 2016 to see the launch. Be sure to sign up for the 3D Printing Industry newsletter for all updates on bioprinting.