3D Printing

Articulated, 3D Printable AT-AT Details Inner Workings of the Dark Side

The rebels are in luck! The full plans for an AT-AT have been uploaded to MyMiniFactory. With knowledge of the inner workings, they’ll be able to take down Imperial forces like never before… or just have a lot of fun 3D printing and building a model of one.

3D printed AT-AT on MyMiniFactory

Kirby Downey spent a week to design this representation of the famed All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT), and spared no detail. The model features 15 points of articulation, and consists of 70 individual parts. Even the laser guns move! Half the model features a cutaway view which reveals details normally reserved only for imperial eyes. Currently, there aren’t any stormtroopers inside the transporter. However, designer Ricardo Salamao intends to create figurine-sized pilots and stormtroopers to complete the fantasy.

Inside kirby downey's 3D printed AT-AT on MyMiniFactory

With exception of a single M5 threaded rod, all parts are 3D printed. Downey has designed the parts to generate supports only in the places needed, so be sure to enable support material prior to printing. All the pieces snap-fit together, so it is possible to assemble without glue. However, Downey chose to reinforce his own build with glue. A time-lapse video shows the entire build process, and highlights some of the design’s features.

If you desire more 3D Star Wars models, then check out Downey’s profile for additional intergalactic makes.