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Arthesis @ Autodesk Fills the 3D Printing Niche at Milan Design Week 2015

Milan Furniture Fair has since exploded from being the world’s largest show devoted to cutting edge and innovative furniture design to a massive network of industrial design events taking place over the course of an entire week.  And, as 3D printing becomes increasingly utilized as a method for bringing intricate and ornate, one-of-a-kind ideas into the physical world, the technology has found its own niche at Milan Design Week.  This year, that niche is Arthesis, an Autodesk-sponsored event that gathers a variety of highly original 3D printing artists and businesses together in one place.

arthesis 3D printing event at milan design week 2015

Arthesis grows out of a showcase hosted by Autodesk at last year’s Design Week, which was still finding itself at the annual fair.  Though the software-turned-hardware manufacturer has its own stunning offices in the Italian city, they hardly serve as an event space for something as happening as Design Week.  As a result, Autodesk turned to 3DPI’s own Davide Sher and, pleased with the 3D printing expert’s curating abilities, they asked him once again to introduce Autodesk and 3D printing to the some 270,000 Design Week attendees that would be heading to Milan from over 150 different countries.

All day on April 16, Arthesis will see a number of designers, entrepreneurs, and firms – many of which we’ve covered on 3DPI – that routinely use 3D printing showcase their works and their methods. Among the presenters are MHOX Design, whose 3D printed masks, along with other works, have demonstrated an elegant blend of the surreal and the organic. Daniele Cevola Design Studio will present its 3D printed yacht, using CRP’s Windform 3D printing material to yield a remarkable yacht design, while also presenting new parts designed with Autodesk’s new Fusion 360 software.  The newly launched Artficial plans to unveil their fine art 3D printing platform to the public.  And the Italian start-up Youbionic will update the world on its project to make the most beautiful, low-cost, 3D printed bionic prosthesis imaginable.

autodesk ember 3D printer milan design week arthesis

The aforementioned are just a small selection of the complete event.  In addition to legal expertise and workshops, Arthesis will naturally see a strong Autodesk presence.  Not only will the Fusion 360 team present on their radical, free and cloud-based design software, but many of the artists at the event have implemented Fusion 360 in their own design process.  On top of the Autodesk presentation, Arthesis attendees will also get a glimpse at the company’s brand new 3D printer, Ember, as well as the Ember 3D printed jewelry exhibit, displaying works by Paul Liaw, Eli5e, TripsionLumitoro and others.

arthesis 3D printing party milan design week 2015

Given the its Italian context, Arthesis is going to be one stylish event, introducing many industrial designers and, to use an Italian term, design aficionados to the possibilities offered by 3D design and 3D printing.  And, to send the entire day off with a bang, Arthesis will be hosting an After Hours 3DPrintParty at BOH!? Art Bar Milano. To be honest, I’m pretty jealous of my friend Davide; both because he gets to travel all over Europe to cover 3D printing news and he gets to host what sounds like a really great time at one of the prettiest design events in the world. Heading to 3D Print Week in NYC, I won’t be able to make, but if you have a chance, you can register for the free Arthesis event at Eventbrite here and learn more about the event here.