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Artec 3D & 3D Systems Release 3D Scanning Bundle

Two 3D printing technology service providers have just announced that they are joining forces in order to help consumers streamline a 3D scan directly to a CAD model. The partnership between Artec 3D, an international 3D solution provider headquartered in Luxembourg, and 3D Systems, one of the largest 3D printing tech companies around today, has led both entities to package together some of their best 3D tech products into one all-inclusive bundle. Artec 3D will be offering their handheld scanners and Studio 10 software alongside 3D Systems’ widely utilized Geomagic Design X platform.

This newly announced promotion will run until Spring 2016, giving 3D printing enthusiasts a great opportunity to purchase this all-inclusive 3D scan-to-CAD bundle. There are three different bundles available for purchase, all of which include Geomagic Design X software and one year of Artec’s Studio 10 software, but offer different Artec 3D scanners in each one. Consumers can choose between the Artec Eva 3D scanner ($35,990 for entire bundle), the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner ($43,350), or go all-in on both the Eva and Space Spider scanners together ($55,290). These 3D scanners are capable of capturing both small and large objects of various colors in high resolution, and thanks to this new product bundle, these objects can be scanned directly into a 3D computer model.

Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
Artec’s Space Spider 3D Scanner

“No 3D scanner, no matter how proficient, can stand alone,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “It requires the support of software solutions that are equally as adept to turn captured data and cloud points into a desired object, recreated or newly invented, that can one day be held in your hand.”


Yukhin definitely has a point with his aforementioned statement, no matter how much you spend on a 3D scanner, you won’t get very far along the process without quality software solutions that can transmit these physical objects into a digitized 3D landscape. With this product bundle however, watch as your 3D scan is processed into a tightly composed model on Artec’s Studio 10 software and then exported into Geomagic Design to solidify the 3D model into a printable MCAD format.


“We’re excited to work with 3D Systems in this endeavor by offering designers and engineers the complete package of solutions necessary to further their work and the industry as a whole,” adds Yukhin. I’m sure Artec’s international consumer-base will be excited to utilize this slightly pricey, but all-encompassing product bundle as well. By partnering up and packaging all the necessary components together, Artec and 3D Systems are not only streamlining 3D scans into CAD models, they are also streamlining more efficient and easy-to-use processes directly into the comfort of our own homes and workspaces.