Apium partners with Purpose AM to create new filament dryer

High performance 3D printing materials specialist, Apium Additive Technologies, has partnered with extrusion technology firm, Purpose AM Systems, to launch the Apium Filament Dryer. The dryer is designed to reduce unwanted moisture in filaments, which can cause poor print quality and significantly affect the 3D printing process.

Pinar Karakas, Head of Marketing and Quality Management at Apium stated:

“Through our partnership with Purpose AM, we are launching Apium Filament Dryers and providing our end-users with the complete solution for processing high performance polymers. We offer the unique AM solution with our advanced customer support established by our Service Center experts and forerunner technologies.”

Apium Technologies logo. Image via Apium Technologies.
Apium logo. Image via Apium Technologies.

Preserving the quality of 3D printer filaments

Based in Germany, Apium Tech specializes in processing high performance polymers (HPP) for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing technology. The company’s goal is to improve the quality and uses of FFF 3D printing and HPP.

A core feature of Apium Tech 3D printers is the ability to use PEEK, a durable, heat resistant thermoplastic polymer. PEEK can be used in a range of additive manufacturing applications, from pumps and bearings to medical implants. PEEK is an HPP, and is also more expensive than other plastics, and has a higher melting temperature. Many polymer filaments (including PEEK) naturally attract moisture, which can potentially ruin a sensitive, expensive print.

The Apium Filament Dryer aims to protect the filament from moisture damage, saving the user from having to purchase additional PEEK or other HPPs. The dryer is equipped with thermally insulated walls to reduce heat loss and a rotary desiccant (substances used to maintain dryness) system for dehumidifying air.

It also comes with a set of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, as well as active carbon filters to limit exhaust and filter out dust particles.

Apium Filament Dryer. Photo via Apium Tech.
Apium Filament Dryer. Photo via Apium Technologies.

Technical specifications

Supported Spool Size Diameter: 200 mm, Width: 80 mm
Temperature Range 40 – 80 °C
Supported Filament Size 1.75 mm / 2.85 mm / 3.00 mm
Material and Machine Compatibility All Apium Filaments and Apium P Series 3D Printers Custom Filaments and Open System FFF 3D Printers with mentioned temperature ranges
Air Filtering HEPA & Active Carbon Filters
Door Safety Switch Yes
Overheating Protection Yes
Connection USB 2.0 and Ethernet Jacks, Wi-Fi
Power requirement Max. 400 Watts


No pricing was given for the Apium Filament Dryer.

Filament dryers for 3D printers

Earlier this year, Polish 3D printer manufacturer UBOT 3D, launched its industrial-grade 3D printer, the UBOT P440, which included a dryer chamber for filaments. Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP, has also released its DeltaWASP 20 40 3D printer with a filament dryer to prevent moisture damage.

To preserve the quality of 3D printer filament, manufacturers have started to take a number of other steps. Some filaments, like Masterspool, are now delivered packaged in a resealable bag for protection, reducing cost and plastic waste.

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Featured Image shows new Apium Filament Dryer. Photo via Apium Technologies.