AON3D Launches Readyprint™ Filaments, Simplifying High Temp 3D Printing with Industrial-Grade Materials

AON3D, a pioneer in high temp 3D printing solutions, has unveiled its new range of top-performing materials. AON3D Readyprint™ Filaments. These industrial-grade 3D printing filaments are ready for use right away, according to AON3D Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Kevin Han. The aim is to simplify the material selection process and eliminate the need for sourcing, preparation, and fine-tuning to achieve outstanding results with high-performing materials. AON3D Readyprint removes “the hassles of sourcing, conditioning, and tuning process parameters to get high-quality results with high-performance materials,” said Han.

AON3D Readyprint 3D printing filament. Photo via AON3D
AON3D Readyprint 3D printing filament. Photo via AON3D

Readyprint: Simplifying the Complexities of Industrial 3D Printing

Since 2018, AON3D has dedicated itself to introducing open material methods to industrial 3D printing. Releasing their Readyprint Filaments simplifies the complexities of industrial open material printing while still preserving reconfigurability and avoiding costly open material license fees. The traditional process of locating quality suppliers, drying materials, a task that can take up to six hours, and establishing process parameters can result in significant time loss, sometimes taking days or weeks.

Readyprint filaments come from well-regarded suppliers with stringent quality control measures. In the factory, the material undergoes extra drying and gets packaged for immediate 3D printing. Pre-set process parameters give engineers a starting point to optimize properties like strength, print quality, speed, lightweighting, reducing post-processing, etc. Currently, the Readyprint filament options include:

· ABS, ESD ABS, and Carbon Fiber ABS



· PC

· PEI 9085

· Amorphous PEKK


· PETG and Carbon Fiber PETG

· 92A TPU

A selection of AON3D Readyprint high-performance filaments. Image via AON3D.
A selection of AON3D Readyprint high-performance filaments. Image via AON3D.

Partnership with Kimya

The release of AON3D’s Readyprint Filaments is a partnership project with Kimya, a company that creates materials in collaboration with major chemical firms like Arkema, Solvay, and Sabic. According to Benoit Stoeux, CEO at Kimya, “We are proud to start this partnership with AON3D to propose this optimized package with engineered filaments for industrial printers. This aims to make more accessible high-performance polymers with the AON3D’s platform.”

As we reported last year, Kimya, the additive manufacturing subsidiary of French company ARMOR, intends to expand its recycled filament range by including new high-performance materials by 2024. As part of the third phase of ARMOR’s FIL’REC project, Kimya aims to have 70-100% recycled materials in future high-performance filaments without affecting their properties. According to Kimya’s R&D, Innovation, and Industrialization Manager, Nicolas Morand, developing recycled high-performance materials is a technical challenge but will result in a unique offering as there are currently no alternatives in the market.

AON3D Readyprint 3D printing filaments. Image via AON3D.
AON3D Readyprint 3D printing filaments. Image via AON3D.

Early M&A Activity in the 3D Printing Materials Sector

The 3D printing materials sector has already seen early M&A activity this year. Braskem, a Brazilian petrochemical company, acquired taulman3D, a 3D printing material developer and distributor. Braskem has steadily expanded its involvement in additive manufacturing, initially using it for manufacturing in-house spare parts and then launching its filament range two years ago. The company has continued to grow its presence in the industry by introducing eco-friendly materials and states that the acquisition of taulman3D could speed up its growth strategy.

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Featured image shows AON3D Readyprint 3D printing filament. Photo via AON3D.